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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Tomorrow night is my class through the library I work for: UM Township Library. From 6-7:30 PM, I will be teaching six teenagers how to scrapbook. I'm a little nervous, but I'm ready. I just have to pack all the scrapbooks I have that I will be showing off. Here is my outline for the class:

July 15, 2015  ©  6 PM

Good evening everyone and welcome to Scrapbooking with Jess. My name is Jessica and I am a page for the library. I have been scrapbooking for close to ten years and started to really get into it after taking a scrapbooking class through Michael’s Craft Store in January 2006.

I’ve made scrapbook year books when I was a student in Upper Merion and people always loved signing those scrapbooks. For me, it was a more personal way to highlight a school year. I’ve scrapbooked everything from vacations to Green Bay Packers games and often make friends and families scrapbooks for birthdays and holidays. Everyone loves receiving my scrapbooks as gifts.

Tonight, I’ll be showing the basics of scrapbooking and how to place pictures, embellishments, and stickers in aesthetically pleasing places. The three different activities I have planned for this evening are scrapbook yearbooks, which is perfect for all age groups. Teens and college students could use these scrapbook yearbooks at the end of the school year for their friends to sign. Even adults, which could be a nice project you could show your parents, could use these for events and gatherings for reminiscing. The other two activities I’ll be showing you are vacation scrapbooks and event scrapbooking for events such as sporting events, concerts, and whatever important event you will have going on in your life.
I hope this is a fun evening for you all and enjoy!
a.       Equipment and Materials
                                                               i.      Rule and Craft Scissors: these give total control over where and how you cut.
                                                             ii.      Decorative-edged Scissors: used sparingly, these add a fancy touch to mats and trims, HOWEVER DO NOT USE THESE ON PHOTOGRAPHS!
                                                            iii.      Templates: a wide range of lightweight templates provide different cropping options, and are easy to store. Use a pencil to trace a shape on a photograph or paper, then cut.
                                                           iv.      Punches: simple small shapes look striking when punched in coloured card. Larger shapes can also be used to cut out the important part of a photograph.
b.      Adhesives
                                                               i.      Glue sticks: cheap and easy way to stick light items to paper and photographs.
                                                             ii.      Spray: allows for something that is stuck down to be peeled off and then reapplied. Spray outside or in well-ventilated area.
                                                            iii.      Foam pads: can be used to raise an element on a layout.
                                                           iv.      Glue dots and glue lines: the cleanest way of applying pictures to a scrapbook. Also doesn’t ruin pictures with age.
                                                             v.      Double sided tape: like glue dots.
                                                           vi.      PVA (white) glue: Will hold everything, including 3-D items such as fasteners, shells, or charms.
                                                          vii.      Stickers: both decorative and helpful… it can be useful to position a picture into place.
c.       Paper and Card
                                                               i.      Page kits
                                                             ii.      Self-coloured Card (Stock)
                                                            iii.      Patterned Paper
                                                           iv.      Textured and Embossed Paper
                                                             v.      Suede Paper
                                                           vi.      Glitter Paper
                                                          vii.      Cut and Mini Album Packs
                                                        viii.      Lace Papers
                                                           ix.      Vellum Sheets
d.      Embellishments
                                                               i.      Stickers: a staple of scrapbooking, stickers are available in every colour, size and design. Stickers are an easy way to embellish a page quickly.
                                                             ii.      Fabric Stickers: adds textual interest to a layout.
                                                            iii.      3D Stickers: built up from two or more layers of card, ready to be added to a page. Popular themes are travel and baby.
                                                           iv.      Stamping: used to create a theme on background paper. Stamped images could be coloured, cut out, and used like stickers to lend to a page.
                                                             v.      Painting: acrylic paint can be used to create any design on backing paper, and with the wide range of colours, it’s easy to match a photograph.
                                                           vi.      Templates: can help customize layouts.
                                                          vii.      Buttons and Gems: stitch or stick these to a layout as embellishments. Great to add some sophistication to a page.
                                                        viii.      Memorabilia: adds significant to a layout. When you go travelling or to a concert, you can save everything to go along with your photographs.
                                                           ix.      Memorabilia Pockets: useful to keep memorabilia that can’t be glued secure and neat in one place.
                                                             x.      Attachments: Special souvenir.
                                                           xi.      Paper Charms: Embossed printed and foiled charms can add a depth to the page.
e.      Choosing Colours
                                                               i.      The background should flatter the photographs rather than overpower them and its style needs to be in keeping with the subject matter.
                                                             ii.      Complementary Colours: allow the photographs to dictate your choice of background colours, rather than choosing the paper and you’re praying that the pictures will match it. Hold photos against a wide array of different colours.
                                                            iii.      Monochrome Schemes: Restrict colours by using a pattern that only uses single colour.
                                                           iv.      Combining Patterned Papers
                                                             v.      Bold Patterns: some patterned papers are bold and dramatic, but won’t overwhelm photographs if they are paired with strong images or colours. Close ups of faces or objects work the best.
II.                  YEARBOOKS
a.       Perfect to begin at the beginning of the school year. Take pictures of all events you’ve experienced during that school year.
                                                               i.      Personal Milestones/Achievements
                                                             ii.      Clubs
                                                            iii.      Dances, Marching Band, Reading Olympics, other Events
                                                           iv.      Family and Friends
                                                             v.      Pages for your friends to sign
b.      Use lettering techniques I will show them.
                                                               i.      Calligraphy
                                                             ii.      Wacky
                                                            iii.      Traditional
c.       Different Embellishments
                                                               i.      Stickers
                                                             ii.      Gems
                                                            iii.      Memorabilia
                                                           iv.      Memorabilia Pockets
                                                             v.      Attachments
d.      Show my incomplete college yearbook from 2011 to show them the older one gets in school, how things can change. Though, it should still be fun and reminiscent.
III.                VACATION
a.       Letter Techniques
                                                               i.      Calligraphy
                                                             ii.      Cursive
                                                            iii.      Fun fonts
b.      Embellishments
                                                               i.      Stickers
                                                             ii.      Memorabilia
                                                            iii.      Memorabilia Pockets
                                                           iv.      Attachments
                                                             v.      3D Stickers
                                                           vi.      Templates
IV.                SPECIFIC EVENTS
a.       See VACATION.
V.                  CLOSING
a.       Show quiliting techniques or creating their own albums instead of buying albums. Could save them a lot of money.
b.      Thank you for attending. I hope this class was informative and gave you ideas on how to create your own scrapbooks for every life experience.

c.       Have a great night!

Think I should bring some Baymax's Travels Through PhilaTokyo photos? :D

Though I'm hoping my NYC Baymax pictures arrive tomorrow. I hope all of my NYC photos arrive tomorrow.

Story about this photo and another NJ Transit train photo at a later time. Maybe I'll teach journaling tomorrow night.


  1. Just keep in mind you're not at 100% energy owing to the time of the year!

    Make sure to define aesthetically-pleasing and reminiscing for your audience. Maybe my inherent paranoia makes me fear high schoolers might not catch on and it's not like they're elementary school kids.

    Maybe try to keep your eye on the clock so you can shape your presentation accordingly. You have an hour and a half.

    a. Show quiliting techniques"? I don't know what quiliting is. It's either something in scrapbooking I don't know or a typo.

    At least you look happy! :)

    You love talking about Baymax's Adventures through PhilaTokyo, so why not!

    Focus on what you planned so no sudden hiccups make it a miserable experience for everyone, I recommend!

    Good night.

    1. I have my watch ready! There are no clocks in the classroom for some reason. I guess the Township doesn't want meeting goers to know what time it is! Sadly, it doesn't work so well with the library. :D

      Yeah, I'll be explaining those terms. I'll also be going into more detail if time allows. I didn't want to make the outline too detailed because when I get nervous, I tend to read from the paper instead of looking at the audience.

      I hope someone can take pictures for me for LinkedIn and my blog! Maybe I'll ask a co-worker.

      I think I will! I think Baymax is universal... so it should be good. :D

    2. This is good. Maybe they don't want people to stare at the clock instead of the presenter.

      When I get nervous I can't read any more. I try to make my "outlines" include everything I'm thinking just in case I forget what I'm trying to say. (Then I have a backup. It's the worst when I'm both nervous and forgetful. Then I'm just making a fool of myself. Sometimes the only way I've managed to get my point across is when the people I'm with can see what I'm trying to communicate by looking at the paper.)

      Perhaps! I'm just feeling tired, nervous and fascinated by science fiction tonight, so I'm going to retreat with my novel and talk later.

      *feels like a failure at life*
      At least I successfully managed to get my Brain Injury Program paperwork to the post office today! ^_^ They told me it should reach its destination by Friday.

    3. I actually didn't look at my outline much! I referred to it, but I did well without it. I surprisingly wasn't nervous when I got started either.

      You're not a failure! I think public speaking makes everyone nervous!