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Saturday, July 11, 2015

New York City | July 3, 2015 | Part IV: Brooklyn Bridge

For my final installment of my NYC trip (once the film comes in and I hope most of the pictures develop, I will share those pictures and write some poems for you), I want to share with you the beauty of Brooklyn that I experienced while at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

When I took the F subway to my location, it was a few blocks worth of walking. Once I reached the park that was under construction, I asked the security guard directions for the Park that wasn't under construction. He pointed to the playground, then the beach, and said there was another park a few blocks away. He then added, "Ma'am. I see you have a camera. Usually photographers, especially for commercials, stand where that fence is and put their lenses through the little hole to get their pictures. That's the best view. Feel free to do the same!"So, I did, and he pointed out different angles to me. He wasn't kidding.

I then thanked him after I snapped my pictures and walked to the beach.

The beach was just so peaceful and soaking my feet in the East River was just so peaceful. As the cold waters of the river soaked my feet, I sat looking at the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, the boats floating by, and the sun beginning to descend. I didn't want to leave. Although kids were running and screaming behind me, I sat comfortably on a rock and just soaked my feet for 20 minutes. It was a perfect end to the day.

Before I left the beach, I wanted a picture of Baymax in front of the Bridge. I snapped one.

Then I wanted one with him. A selfie wouldn't work. I then saw a British man walk by with his young son. I asked him if he could snap a picture. He obliged, then laughed, "Ah, Baymax! Is he your world travel companion?" "Yep!" He just smiled and laughed some more. His son was hypnotized by Baymax. I thanked him.

When I walked back to the subway, I saw that security guard again. He suggested SoHo before I left. I took his suggestion. SoHo wasn't me: a lot of high end stores. I just sat in Starbucks and drank a grande iced coffee with a double shot of espresso (I had a free drink coming to me for my birthday) before I headed back to Penn Station. It was a perfect day out!


  1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie! I'm beginning to think the people of New York are among the friendliest to be found anywhere. How nice of that security guard to give you picture taking tips along with directions! It was also kind of that British tourist to take time to snap your picture. These shots of the Brooklyn Bridge are terrific. It was a good idea to linger at sunset and soak your tired feet in the river. It doesn't surprise me that the SoHo shopping district wasn't your thing but at least you got to see it before you left town.

    Have a great weekend, dear Jessica Marie!

    1. I thought they were! After hearing some horror stories from people I work with at both jobs who used to live there, I was a bit nervous about going! Yet, I found the opposite. Maybe nowadays I can just pick out friendly people. :)

      Thank you! I'm thinking I might edit some of these entries and submit some writing and photographs to magazines or papers. I really want to try to. I used to do that all the time in college for the student newspaper. I might have to consult the Writer's Market Manual. I saw someone posted one of my blog entries to Twitter and my blog entry is trending on their account:

      Have a great weekend as well, dear Shady!

  2. I'm still recovering from nausea, so I'll come back to this soon! The reason I got sick is that I forced myself today into 50 repetitions of a couple of exercises, when I normally do 10 of each.

    I am glad Brooklyn was good to you ^_^

    1. I hope you feel better, Claire!

      We're going to be leaving soon for the Movie Tavern. We're goingto see Inside Out. Afterwards, swimming... and then Arab Voices, then I'll start writing more about Brooklyn adventures.

  3. Years ago, Dad, my grandparents and I walked on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I wouldn't mind walking on the Brooklyn Bridge one day. :)

    1. I'd love to walk both! I would love to visit San Francisco. :)