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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How To Maintain Positive Attitude

I was thinking in terms of job interviews, especially when a job is needed or wanted; the first part of my post will deal with that. The second half of this entry will discuss how to maintain a positive attitude with life in general.

Admit it, we all get nervous before an interview, or a big meeting, or presentation, or anything that is important to us. I saw this posted the other day and have always found this helped me:

I'm prone to anxiety and sometimes have panic attacks if I'm in a situation that warrants it. An old therapist used to suggest this to me and every time I feel anxious, I put both feet on the ground, take a deep breath or two, look at the surroundings around me, and ground myself. I find grounding does calm me.

Sometimes also maintaining positive thoughts about what you have to offer a situation helps too, as well as the positive outcomes of what the new opportunity can bring you. Of course, that is very helpful during the interview, meeting, or presentation, but I think one should go in happy before the big event.

I have found, and I will admit that I am still learning how to successfully do this, that being grateful for an opportunity and grateful for what you do have does help with happiness. If you're depressed or unhappy, sometimes forgetting the unhappy things for a moment and thinking of all the happy things in your life (because as I've been learning, not everything is unhappy in life, just as not everything is totally happy either) grounds me too. By maintaining that happiness, I can focus on the positive, but I can also be friendly to others.

What do you think? What are some of your techniques or rituals before and during an interview, meeting, or presentation?


  1. That does sound like it would help!

    I am concerned about my dachshund. This is why I've been mostly off the radar. I said on FB he was OK, but he is not eating very much.

    I don't want to tell you anything important about anxiety since I don't want you to take my words as major or important.

    Thankful Thursday mindsets might help when faced with new opportunities?

    1. I hope your dog will be okay! Did you take him to the vet yet? My cat has bad allergies and we should take her to a vet.

      Yes! I need to work on my Thankful Thursday post now.

    2. This is after the third visit. I hope he'll be okay...

      I thought that would be about right.

    3. It's always scary when a pet is sick. :(

  2. I'm not really sure what techniques I use...I usually just think, "this needs to be done", and once I'm over the initial nervousness I'm usually okay.

    1. Usually I was like that, but I'm afraid of what they might think of me once they learn about me.