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Monday, July 20, 2015

As Far As The Eyes Can See (Update)

As some of you know, I was thinking of publishing my NaPoWriMo poetry into a book called As Far As The Eyes Can See. However, I decided that I want to keep most of the poetry from NaPoWriMo under wraps for now. Some of the poems I wrote are starter poems. I want to walk away from them a bit and at a later time go back and re-write. Most of the poems aren't quite mature yet for publication.

I still want to self-publish. I've decided that As Far As The Eyes Can See will be a travel book. Travel poetry and maybe short prose. I might keep it strictly poetry. Actually, I will keep it strictly poetry as all of my other books are a mix of different genres in collections. This could be my first chapbook!

I did write this one poem during NaPoWriMo:
Life's Journey

Life's not a journey to be absolved;
but to experience and not be solved.

Follow your own desires and heart,
making mistakes along the way is how it starts--

but these lessons are here to guide:
one door closes, another opens; until we die.


انت حياتي - أنا لست مريضة! ت

(The bee is my friend, what?
You are my life - I'm never sick!)

I'm thinking of including this in As Far As The Eyes Can See. What do you think? I might also include a section of Baymax Travel poetry. Why not? It could add humor and a lot of people love Baymax.

You might remember these pictures from last week. This was on our way to NYC. As Baymax and I were on the NJ Transit train, a couple speaking Arabic was next to us. I always feel weird when I can understand a few foreign languages because I feel bad about eavesdropping. I was eavesdropping on the couple and although I couldn't understand every single word they spoke, I could understand a lot of it. I was just amazed. Not by what they were talking about, but amazed that I could understand them somewhat and the beauty of the Arabic language! Just the way it rolled off their tongues and how beautiful it sounded.

Last year when mom and I were in Memphis, we encountered this one German guy. He let us sit with him since all the tables were taken. We didn't know he was German at first until his friend came over and they started conversing in German. I loved how lively their conversations were and again, I could understand most of what was being said. Instead, unlike with the couple speaking Arabic, when mom and I found another table I said "Auf Wiedersehen!" They were surprised. I should have said "مرحبا" (hello in Arabic) to the couple and see where it would have went. I was feeling a bit shy.

I think both of these instances could be good poems. :)


  1. Shyness is so difficult to overcome, especially when trying to use a language you don't tend to think in. Practice makes perfect. (That prompted me to review some French.)

    I hope you enjoy writing your chapbook! ^_^ VaV lingers for whenever I feel like writing. The thing is, every time I try to organise to get a move on it, I get distracted.

    The poems you wrote for NaPoWriMo are private.

    I can't say whether the poems are good or bad, I don't know.

    When I watched the Oblomov film last week I felt like I'd been eavesdropping on my family's political discussions again like when I was a little girl.

    Maybe it could make for good poetry, just get to making something nice up :)

    1. I do think in Arabic, somewhat. Not fluently like English yet... but I do think in some Arabic. You should be inside my head when that occurs. :D Sometimes it's both Arabic and German. Haha. I just feel weird about butting into conversations. That's why I was shy.

      Thank you! That's true. There are some poems I don't want published. The one about Moe is one of those; except that wasn't a poem from NaPoWriMo. Actually, wait, I did write another poem about Moe for NaPoWriMo too! I called him my Saudi Prince. Hahaha. :D

      I'm going to work on one of the Baymax poems later. I'm looking forward to writing travel poetry.