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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (6/8/2015-6/13/2015)

This week started out rough (summer heat and humidity = ugh), but is ending pretty great. :) Enjoy! Since summer starts next week and I'll be taking a break every three months, I won't return until July 11th officially. I'll do a special blog party for my birthday, July 4, however! Stay tuned for July 4!

Monday, June 8

It poured and whenever it pours, the downspout from the porch shoots water at full force. I thought this was cool.

Tuesday, June 9

As I posted for Thankful Thursday, when John handed me this DVD... it made me so happy. I'm thankful for him, the Center, and everyone else who makes a positive difference in my life.

My library boss gave me a new task. Since I know how to use a typewriter and love using typewriters, I had the duty of looking for inter-library loans, typing the address labels on the typewriter, and packing them up to ship the books.

Wednesday, June 10

Thursday, June 11

Despite the heat, I took a walk. It was really hot.

Friday, June 12

Went to Philadelphia to get my SEPTA pass before work, Had breakfast at Cappriccio's. So good!

Another sweltering day that resulted in downpours. Still really hot.

Saturday, June 13

I caught the 7 AM bus. Although I wasn't supposed to meet Claire until 10:30/11 AM at the Exton Square Mall, I had a hankering going to Everhart Park. Everhart Park is one of the couple of "safe" places for me in West Chester. Would I make a habit of going often? No. I avoid town, and minimal amount of time there is good for me. So, after I had coffee at Starbuck's, I took a walk to Everhart Park. It was 8:30 AM; I think with how early it was, that's why I felt at ease I guess (early and not many people in town).

I went swinging and as I went swinging, the breeze played with my hair. I had my iPod blasting as I was so high up in the air. Ironically, as I was high in the sky, "Let It Go" began playing. You know, from Frozen. After Let It Go, I leaped from the swing and noticed people setting things up. There was a race at 10:30 for a fund for a small girl that died in a car accident in 2007. They wanted me to run, but I told them I had a commitment. I donated money and they gave me a shirt. I figured doing something nice that contributes to a good cause could replace one really bad memory. Who knows if it makes sense, but I was thinking about that. I then went back to the bus stop and boarded the bus to the Exton Square Mall at 9:30 AM.

Yep, I brought Wesley Bear and Baymax for an adventure!
This is reminiscent of the picture I took of Christina a few times during college:

The red bench has always been my favorite. :) (These photos are from 2013)

Claire and I met up around 10:50 AM. We went shopping, to the Chester County Library, had lunch, and just talked. It was a nice day out. It was a lot of fun and it cheered us both up. 

She loved her gift! YAY! This calls for a tea party soon at the Lincoln Room! :)

Claire looking lovely in the scarf.

And very beautiful in the dress!

Claire and Wesley.

Claire and Baymax.

Baymax was envious of my bento box.

My favorite shirt! :)

Although I live in Montgomery County and work for a Montgomery County branch library, I did get a Chester County Library card as well. I figured since I have been looking at FT library jobs at the Exton Library, it would look good. I also loved the selection of books, CDs, and DVDs they had, and well, I really wanted to check out the Arabic documentary!

Looking forward to watching it tomorrow. :)

Can't wait to see what next week brings! :) Have a great week, y'all! See you again for the blog party on July 11th (and a special one for my birthday, the 4th)! ~ Jessica


  1. I am happy that I was able to help you :)

    I didn't know about the race/fundraiser for the girl who died in 2007! (Eek, my car accident was beginning of 2008.) I did see the shirt, but it didn't connect what it was for.

    They call it the Chester County Library Exton [branch].

    *yawn* Have a good evening! Tomorrow is the first day I'm actually going to "show up to class" - I got invited last week into a Marxist-Leninist Internet class, which started up two weeks ago. They gave me all the information for it. This is why I was saying I should read up on my Lenin. I think I was on volume 11... Then, as far as Marx goes, I have a copy of The Communist Manifesto, and read library copies of other miscellaneous things such as Capital.

    May next week make you happy! ^_^ Tomorrow I have to perform Pierné as the bridge in between my father's and my mother's students. I actually think my A section sounds a bit more energetic than that recording. Maybe it's supposed to sound more drowsy like that. The French way, mayhaps...?

    1. Thanks again and I really enjoyed the day yesterday.

      Yeah, the race started in 2009... so it might have been in 2009 that she died. I have the pamphlet in the other room. I'll get it later.

      Ah, that makes sense about the Exton branch. We are a part of Montco, but we call ourselves Upper Merion Township Library, part of the Montco systems. People here would have an uproar if we call it UM Branch because the library is in our township taxes... so it's named separately.

      Thank you! Have a great week next week as well.

    2. Good.

      Not necessarily! Sometimes races commemorate events that happen years before.

      I'm less familiar with the tax code. Maybe I'll learn more about that later.

      I'm trying to not get stressed out! I know I'm performing in a few hours, that piece I linked. Mother really liked hearing me say that I thought our performance was peppier, implying better. Breathe in, hold it a bit, exhale... breathe in... et cetera &c&c.

    3. Like standard, everyone loved my performance, but I nit-picked at it. I am sure Dr Grabb would be ashamed I played a B natural in the middle instead of a B flat when the key is in fact G Minor (two flats).

      Mother says that it inspires others to pursue music. Maybe.

    4. I mutely observed a Dimitrov/fascist webinar ^_^ they literally asked me if I wanted to say anything, but I got scared, even if it's so much safer than front row Polsky three semesters... (AHHHHH НЕТ НЕТ НЕТ СПАСИБО I'M OKAY GO ON GO ON)
      Or, officially, the story is that I was so tired from that star performance of just a few hours ago I had no energy to voice anything u_u

      This is interesting, history unfolding right now in 2015! I didn't know the Tea Party's slogan was an abbreviation for "Taxed Enough Already". ...I did just tell the Communist Party that was something I found interesting. Maybe I should be embarrassed.

      ...really I'm just tired. ...and hungry.

  2. That downspout image is awesome; it's a well-taken shot. I am impressed. :)

    Lovely pictures of you and Claire; glad you both had fun. :)

    1. Thanks, Andrew! We have to get together sometime soon. :)

      Thank you!