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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (6/1/2015-6/6/2015)

This is going to be another long entry because this week has been busy. Between two jobs and working on my book, I renewed my subscription to ArabicPod. I liked it when I used it in 2010 and a bit in 2011 and thought it was a decent tool for keeping up with it. I'm excited about getting back to it.

Anyway, enjoy this week's party and I hope you had a good week as well! ~Jessica

Monday, June 1

Baymax and I want to wish you a Happy Monday and Happy June 1st!

Tuesday, June 2

Today was Terra the Turtle's 15th birthday. She's the children's library's turtle. They made little cupcakes for her and shared them with the adult department. I missed the singing since I was at work at the UMSSC, but I had the opportunity to eat many cupcakes when my shift began at the library. Happy 15th birthday, Terra!

Wednesday, June 3

Since I had time before I needed to go to work at the UMSSC, I took the high speed line into Philadelphia and had breakfast. I finally took the selfie in front of City Hall and took a picture of a cute pigeon! Then I took the high speed line back to the UMSSC.

Thursday, June 4

Hard at work selling tickets for the UMSSC's Mad Hatter Tea Party on 6/19. So far I sold 23 tickets.

Have my ticket along with my teacup and saucer! So excited!

I'm debating of bringing Baymax to tea. What do you think? I think Baymax would like tea. :p

Friday, June 5

The pre-school attached to the UMSSC gave this to me. I thought it was cute. 

Saturday, June 6

Mom and I went into Philadelphia today to go to the Ben Franklin Parkway to see the Saint Gobain 350th birthday celebration with a LED light show. We took the high speed line and one young guy hopped on at Gulph Mills. I noticed his hat said بني ادم. I thought it translated into "brown Adam" since it didn't have the marks above the letters to mark it wasn't the word for brown. I typed this into Google to see what exactly "Brown Adam" was. This was the result:

Needless to say, I was grossed out when it said it translated into menstrual blood. I thought who in the world would wear a hat that said that?! I then noticed I wrote الدم which is Arabic for blood. I corrected it and saw that it was "Adam's Children." According to Google, it's a poem by a Persian poet and it's inscribed on the United Nations building. I suppose the hat was from that. However, the first result causes me to laugh a bit. Oh, typos! The joy of those. Iranian Poetry: Bani Adam inscribed on UN Building.

Anyway, we arrived at the Ben Franklin Parkway at 1 PM and we headed to the food trucks first. I went to a food truck called The Butter Sandwich, which the owners were German. I ordered a Turkish chicken sandwich with collard greens. So good! Mom ordered from a truck called 215 Eats or something like that. She didn't care for their food. 

We had a lot of fun at the LED light show. Although there were a lot of crowds, we did get to see quite a bit. I'm glad we could see the light shows and the moving rooms with the coloured glasses were cool too.

After we were done from the light show, we decided that we'd walk to the el. On our walk to the el, we passed more flag displays. On the Ben Franklin Parkway, every country flag is displayed. I took pictures of the Kuwait and Germany flags.

Sadly, on our way to the el station (15th Street), we were caught in a downpour of rain. We were going to Rittenhouse Square, but went to the Academy of Natural Sciences instead. I'm glad I had my member card. Mom and I went to see Grossology and Butterflies instead. I also bought a new shirt since I was soaked.

Shirt I bought!

Since mom and I didn't go to Rittenhouse Square, after the Academy, we went to Asia on the Parkway, I had Hennessy for the first time - it was really strong. My sweet and sour chicken was awesome, though, and I'm glad they gave us green tea!

Now, I am relaxing and getting ready for bed. It's been a fun day,but now I am beat. I hope everyone has a great week ahead! Look forward to sharing pictures with y'all next week!


  1. Baymax reminds me of Pat the you know him. too?

    1. Yes! I love when all the Pat the Bunny books are returned to the library! :) One of my favorite bunnies.

  2. Do you really have to concede to criticism and only post weekly?
    Though I should talk, my blogs are in need of reassurance I'm alive. Really I'm just lazy to думать по-русский >_x I've been staring at this thread for nearly two and a half weeks. Kevetka_flo is my Muscovite ally Kirill. He wished me a happy birthday and asked what he could do for me. I thanked him and said nothing was fine. He is replying something about my fairy godfather but I've been lazy as hell to translate... OK, here goes! He can... *dictionary laze* conjure... oh dear god! That is why I've not responded for two and a half weeks. *blushing furiously* Oh, well, the Internet is assuring me that of course many Russian idioms do that. It's just their way.

    I'm glad your Arabic tool has been helping you! ^_^

    1. Well, the Secret Life is supposed to be weekly. Andrew does his monthly now and Stephanie when she can. When Stephanie first started this activity and tagged Andrew and I, it was done weekly. So, I continue to do it weekly... despite a three month hiatus last summer and part of fall. I'll be taking a two week break between summer solstice and my birthday.

      Ah, someone is flirting with you in Russian! ^_^ Fun! I finally replied to the person from Kuwait on Instagram. Hooray me! Yes, ArabicPod is great... but so are my old textbooks.

    2. "Supposed to be"? I hope you don't cave to peer pressure :(

      You think? I honestly don't, since many figures of speech in that language easily adopt sexual connotations. It's something I've been warned about ad infinitum as I studied the language. It's just something to keep in mind about it.

      I've used HindiPod in the past, but I wouldn't pretend to be an expert in it.
      May your Arabic adventures continue to go well! ^_^

    3. I don't cave to peer pressure. I look forward to doing these weekly with a two week break every 3 months. I like keeping a schedule because I'm the type of person who needs a strict schedule. If I don't, I get depressed.

      Thank you!

  3. The LED light show sounds interesting; I've been to fireworks displays before, as you know, but not to any sort of light show, as far as I can remember.

    1. It was really neat! It was amazing how they could put together that type of show!