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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thankful Thursday 6/11/2015

This week has been a challenging week for me - the heat and humidity. Summer is rolling in and I have summer SAD. I really dislike summer and this week has been proof of it.

BUT, despite the challenging week, I do have a few things to be thankful for. The library closed at 3 today because of the heat and their AC not working. My boss called me at the center, said they were closing early (3 PM), not to come in today and I can make up my hours next week. I'm glad about that because yesterday was so hot in the library, more so than usual. They had to keep the electric doors propped open with wood to keep the air circulating. I can't wait until the AC is fixed. I'm thankful that I have a job that cares about their patrons and workers.

I'm also thankful for the senior center, especially some of the members. On Tuesday as I was filling in for the reception (until she came in), one of the men I knew from Nan and as a teenager. As I was at the desk, he came over to me and said to me, "I remember you saying you loved this film, Found it for you."It was Carnival of Souls, one of my favorite B movies. We were talking last week about old films and how most of the copyrights expired. I mentioned I loved Carnival of Souls. He downloaded the movie for me and I thanked him up and down. I was so happy and I can't wait to watch it this weekend.

I'm thankful for moments like that. :)

I'm also thankful for a young man that works for the information department of the township. Karen, one of my co-workers at the library, suggested talking to this guy because he's knowledgable about PayPal. I had a lot of questions regarding PayPal and using it for my shop on He sat down with me for 15 minutes after I was done work at the library on Tuesday and we played around with PayPal for a bit. I'll have to do more playing around because I want to figure out if I can make giftcards for my class and they would be accepted on PayPal. The guy said I'm welcomed to stop by any time if I have questions, he'd be happy to help. Thankful for that as well.


  1. We must be the only two people on the planet who dislike summer.

    1. I think you're right. Is it fall yet?

  2. I learned how to tolerate summer in the hottest place in China, though I dislike it. ._. Really please put me on the next flight to Vladivostok State University where I do International Economy work. (Protip: wear light robes and don't meditate on how many degrees Centigrade it's gotten up to now) Hmm, international applicants need to submit a chest x-ray...

    Yesterday I visited a friend, for mutual benefit. ^_^ Poor guy has been moaning to me that he didn't know he didn't have to wait for this girl who has been making him feel like no one would ever love him except for her. There are other problems, too, but they're all going to be okay...

    I'm excited for winter! But we'll just go one step at a time.

    1. I'm excited to see you tomorrow, as is Baymax and Wesley. :)