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Friday, June 19, 2015

Thankful Friday 6/19/2015

A rare post, but who only needs to be thankful on Thursday?! We should be grateful for each day, especially the blessings of being able to experience a new day. I had a great day today; the tea was great and a lot of fun (I will post about that later). However, when I arrived home and walked in the door, I saw I had mail waiting for me. I had two packages - one for dad for Father's Day, a shirt from Holy Devil thanking me for being a fan (I didn't buy it, he sent it for his thanks: thanks, HD, I appreciate it!), and I saw an envelope waiting on the table.

I opened the envelope first and saw it was from my former boss from West Chester. I opened it and it was a birthday card! It had a cat that looked like my Pop-pop's old cat, Cat-Wat. Cat-Wat was one of my favorite cats and every time I would see Pop-Pop, I loved seeing that cat. He loved the attention everyone gave him. It put a bigger smile on my face. I was so happy to see it and I was so happy that she remembered my birthday! I feel thankful. I feel thankful for everyone I have worked with over the years. I sent her a thank you e-mail and a little letter. :)


  1. There is some alliteration in "Thankful Friday", although "Fankful Friday" would have been an amusing title! :D

    1. That would have been! :D Next time I have a "fankful Friday," I'll use that title!