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Monday, June 29, 2015

Tall Ships Festival 2015

Yesterday mom and I went to the Tall Ships Festival in Philadelphia and on the waterfront in Camden, NJ. When mom and I arrived in Philadelphia, we ate at a place called the Continental. I ordered a dish called the Healthy Elvis, which was a whole wheat bread sandwich with bananas, peanut butter, and nutella. We also ordered a potato casserole. Both were REALLY good! It was also relatively inexpensive: for the two of us, it was $20.

We then walked the 10 minutes to Penn's Landing for the Tall Ships. We heard Mama Duck didn't inflate and would not sail again. However, Baby Duck was inflated and we took pictures of Baby Duck and mom took one of me with Baby Duck. He was cute.

We didn't get a chance to ride the Tall Ships. Saturday was a washout and the ticketholders from Saturday were being honored yesterday. The lines were very long and mobbed. I did love hearing the bands and seeing the puppeteers, though. The pirate puppeteer was the best!

Since the lines were so long, the water taxi line to go over to Camden was a three hour wait. Mom and I took the el to 8th Street and took Patco to Camden. Patco was really neat and I liked using it. Once we were in Camden, we saw a sock monkey puppeteer, more ships, and had some cheese curds. The Philadelphia side had more going on.

Selfie in front of the RCA Victor sign! I didn't realize RCA had operations in Camden back in the day.

Leaving Camden to go back to Philadelphia.

It was a nice day out, though my face did indeed get sunburned.


  1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie! Susie was right. If you follow Shady, he will follow you. When I checked Susie's blog I was pleased to find out that you enjoy my humor and even more pleased when you chose to take her advice and follow SDMM. I am delighted to be here as a new follower and I thank you very much for following me.

    I have already discovered that you and I have a lot in common. I lived in York and Lancaster, PA, and visited Philadelphia often. I toured the city as a cub scout and as a boy scout. Later, as an adult, I interviewed for a news producing job at WPVI Channel 6 Action News on City Line Ave. There I met the anchors and reporters who were my idols in the news business in the 70s and early 80s. As a kid living in York I was tuned in to all things Philly and all things Baltimore including the Phillies and the Orioles. I mostly watched Orioles games hosted by Chuck Thompson and sponsored by National Beer, brewed in "The Land of Pleasant Living" along the Chesapeake Bay. In the 80s and 90s I worked at an MTV style television station. The music of Rush was popular with our viewers and our veejays played their videos often. In addition, the band came to our studio for an interview as did many other prog rock, hard rock and heavy metal glam bands of the era including Cinderella (from Philly) and Poison (from Mechanicsburg).

    Thank you again for following me, dear Jessica Marie. I will do my best to keep you entertained and amused.

    1. Shady! Thank you for the comment and the follow as well! Your humor always puts a smile on my face. I love it.

      Wow, you are an interesting person! You have been on a lot of adventures and have held very awesome jobs. How did you get into them and any advice? I've been thinking about getting into entertainment writing or even travel writing. I'd love to travel once I have the finances.

      I hope you have had a good day. Happy reading and I can't wait to read your musings as well! :)

    2. Hi again, dear Jessica Marie! To answer your question, I majored in broadcast journalism in college. When I graduated I found a job in a TV newsroom and refined the skills I had begun to develop in college. They included news writing, producing, film and video shooting, editing, voice-over announcing and delivering the news on camera. Over time I found that I enjoyed entertainment more than news and I began to voluntarily write and edit promotions for the station's beloved features reporter. Eventually I landed a job in a much larger market, produced the news at a station there, and finally moved to a third station, the one patterned after the wildly popular MTV. That job gave me a chance to work in entertainment, collaborating with actors and models, producing and directing music videos, commercials and various kinds of presentations and promotions. That job brought me in contact with a steady stream of rock and pop stars of the 80s and 90s including a backstage meeting and interview with my favorite band Kiss. To sum it up, I found time and found a way to keep doing the things I really wanted to do, even if they were outside the confines of my job description. By the time I was able to steer my career into the entertainment field, I had already sharpened my skills and gained some experience.

      Happy Tuesday, dear Jessica Marie!

    3. That's really cool! Your story is so inspirational. I graduated with a degree in English, minor in philosophy and took two years of Arabic. I know some German too. Haha. Sometimes I feel like I learned a whole mish mash of things, but they were good experiences.

      Happy Tuesday, Shady!

  2. I think I've eaten at the Continental before! But my memory is giving me trouble for giving you further detail.

    Yesterday I went deep sea fishing with my father off the coast of Cape May, New Jersey :3 I befriended a marine biologist who stopped his PhD to help people fish. I don't know if my father's friend settings permit his photographs to be seen by my friends.

    Impressive! The last bill I remember was my friend and I at the Sichuan restaurant and it was $30.

    Wow! My fishing expedition of yesterday was four hours long, in comparison.

    As I detailed yesterday, I got sunburnt on my upper arms since I only applied it once early in the morning. It's getting better, though!

    Have a nice day. I hope that things work out well for the both of us!

    1. I saw the pictures on your Facebook (I guess your dad tagged you). That trip sounded so neat!

  3. Hmm...not sure about the "Healthy Elvis" but I do want to try a PB&J again - it's been close 20 years (I think) since I last ate one of them!

    Shame you didn't have the chance to ride a Tall Ship; that sounds as though it would have been fun. :)

    1. Hmmm... I might have to see if I can send you PB & J for Christmas! :) I think I can send those things through the mail.

      It was just crowded. The cancelation on Saturday didn't help and I had a headache (almost felt like a migraine). Hopefully next time1

  4. Only downsides here was that I’m not sure if they were expecting such a crowd as they did not have nearly enough servers and sometimes it would take a really long time for service guy to come. But at Chicago event space they tried to keep a smiles on their face.