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Friday, June 12, 2015


Since Andrew made a shopping post today (Andrew's Shopping Post), I'm going to make a post about shopping too. BUT, a list. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Claire for lunch and I want to do a bit of shopping. The Exton Mall is my favorite and I love Boscov's.

  • Clothes from Boscov's or at least look at clothes in Boscov's.
  • Get dad a Father's Day card (and do some other Father's Day shopping).
  • Get Harlyce (my other boss from the Senior Center) a get well soon card.

Not really a big list. Maybe I'll think of some things tonight before bed. Anyway, I'm excited to meet with Claire tomorrow!


  1. So your budget should be maybe $10 for the cards then... what are you thinking for clothes?

    I have 6 books and a movie to drop off and 7 books to pick up from the library. At least books aren't on as strict a return schedule as movies, and I won't plan on a movie this go round...

    I don't know how much I'll have for lunch. Hopefully enough, but it is getting into the summer, when we as a family won't have as much to spare... *cough*

    1. Work blouses and maybe a dress or two. Next Friday is the tea at the senior center, so I might look for a dress for that. I will be hitting up the clearance section!

      I know I won't eat a lot. It's summer and the heat suppresses my appetite.

    2. All right. My mother keeps me with her so that she doesn't go too crazy with clothes-shopping, as I do have a moderately low patience for it. However, I want you to be able to get reasonable clothing!

      This has been the case for me today, too (heat suppressing appetite). The reason I ate at all in the PRC is that they forced it on me. And through politeness I absolutely couldn't refuse Auntie Shu's dumplings!
      N.B.: I tend very far away from dumplings now, if at all possible.

    3. I don't really like shopping either, but since I lost a lot of weight... I need some new summer work clothes. But, I definitely want to check out clearance. I hope there is a selection!

      What were in Auntie Shu's dumplings?

    4. So we'll get the chore out of the way as soon as possible with our mutual disinclination.

      Stuff that vegetarians such as my roommate could eat. And little else. They worked, it's just that eating with her was a bit problematic for the full Guizhou culinary experience.

    5. It wasn't so bad, was it? :p Like I said, I'm not a big shopper either.

    6. It was a little trying, but you helped make it tolerable :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Andrew. Baymax and Wesley are ready to go! I guess I'll bring my professional camera.