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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Scrapbooking With Jess - Lesson Idea 1: Scrapbooks as Yearbooks

This is now hanging up in the library:

I'm starting to plan what I'll be teaching for my hour and a half class on July 15th. I'm thinking that I'm going to show them the scrapbook I made in 11th grade and used that as my yearbook instead. Although it probably cost as much as it would have to buy a yearbook that year, I was happy making a scrapbook of all my memories from childhood, middle school, and high school, then had my friends and teachers signed the book. I also included some of the stories I wrote. Here are some examples:

I think this would be fun to show because hopefully teens in grades 9-12 sign up. I think a scrapbook as a yearbook could be a fun alternative to a yearbook. I started one in college, but I didn't finish it. I had people sign a page, but didn't finish scrapbooking the pictures. Maybe I'll do that one weekend. :)


  1. Teaching high schoolers might be challenging, depending on who shows up, though I don't know for sure.

    I think that 13 to 18 year-old people at least miss the middle school drama of all the 10 to 14 year-olds. (The overlap I suggest is due to how some people test well or poorly towards one grade or the other - I don't remember any 19 year-old seniors, though.)

    On Saturday a lady is coming to my house to help me fill out the PA Brain Injury paperwork. ??? I don't know - I have my friend visitation tomorrow and library-wise none of my holds will vanish until the 22nd, though I do have to return Darkness at Noon, The Hunting Sketches, and the first volume of The Years of Lyndon Johnson that day. Maybe a renew if I can't sneak over there on Friday.

    1. Yeah, I'm nervous. I taught adults when I worked for SAT (West Chester University's Software Application Training), but have no idea what to expect with teens. Though, it's scrapbooking and not something more like what they teach in high school. I guess I could always think back to the scrapbooking lessons I took when I was 16 at Michael's.

  2. You scrapbooked the sign. Looks nice.

    1. Well, my co-worker did. I'll tell her you said it looks nice. :)