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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rush R40 Tour 6/25/2015

On Thursday after work at the Senior Center, I took the P & W (or Norristown High Speed Line) to the city. I stopped off at 30th Street Station first because I needed to go to the Post Office. I sent 50 letters from the Senior Center and then sent a birthday card to my pen pal in China. I then went to 15th Street to go to the bank and get my free drink at Starbucks. While I was there, I asked these two women about a hair salon that is local and can get into with an appointment. I had an hour and a half to kill before I had to meet mom, Jason, and Josh (my two cousins). The women suggested Ulta.

So, I went to Ulta on 16th and Chestnut. They were a bit pricey ($45), but Kim did a really nice job with my hair. I also connected with her and really liked her. I will be going back again on August 29 for my next trim. I was just happy with the job she did. As I was walking to the 15th Street Station to catch the Broad Street Line, I saw a violinist play. I put a $1 in his bucket and asked for a photograph. He let me take his picture.

My hair cut.

After fifteen minutes on the Broad Street Line, I was at the AT & T Station. Rush was playing at the Wells Fargo Center, which was a two minute walk. I arrived at the Wells Fargo Center before mom, Jason, and Josh. I saved them seats at a table in the Cure Club. They came 15 minutes later. We ate dinner, then went into the arena for the concert.

The concert was amazing. We were all deaf by the time we left at 10:30. But, the show was amazing. Even the light shows!

Jason, Josh (center), and I waiting.

Mom and I waiting.

I'm waiting.

South Park as Lil Rush began the 2nd Half of the Show. I didn't get a video of South Park (sadly), but I found it on YouTube. Then I'll cut into my taping of Tom Sawyer.

South Park just makes me smile.


  1. You have a lot of wave in that hair. Looks good for summer.
    I must admit, I like that song.

    1. My hair is naturally wavy, it's just not noticeable until either I'm out of the shower or I have my hair trimmed. The way she curled my hair made it even wavier. I've always loved very wavy/curly hair.

      Me too. :D

  2. Excellent photos. :)

    I think Dad liked "Tom Sawyer"; that might have been where I heard of Rush.

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, "Tom Sawyer" was one of their most popular songs. I know Mindless Self Indulgence made a remake and I'm sure other bands remake it as well. That's one of my favorite songs as well.