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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My First Trip to New York City

I'm only going to post an excerpt from my first trip to New York City in March 2011. This will be going into my book.

After the Russian Club was dropped off in Manhattan, the bus driver took my Arabic class to Queens to the Science Museum. I was excited to see the Islamic scientists exhibit. As we drove over the bridge to Queens, I texted Ahmed that I was going to be arriving in Queens soon and we were going to be in the museum for a few hours, but maybe we could meet up afterwards. He didn't text back.

When my Arabic class and I walked through the doors into the Museum, it reminded me of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. I was greeted by a guy that looked like a caliph. As I walked further in, I saw more scientists with signs that read something like this:

Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi
(936-1013 C.E.)
Father of Modern Surgery

Al-Zahrawi specialized in curing diseases by inventing several devices for cauterization, devices to use during surgery, removing foreign bodies from the throat, ear, urethra, etc. He was also the first to describe ectopic pregnancies in 963 C.E. Ectopic pregnancies used to be fatal in his time period.

I was amazed by everything I learned and never realized all the advancements that came from Muslim scientists. My excitement blurs who I paled around with at the Museum. I think Josh, a guy I had a crush on at the time, was with us even though he wasn't in my Arabic class.He was studying it independently because with his philosophy degree he did a lot of independent studying. Who knows if he was, but I remember we saw a fun house and decided to go in. He snapped a picture of me being silly in this small room.

These were the few pictures that survived the deactivation of my Facebook (I saved them to Snapfish):


In the fun house.

The exhibit.

This is a belated follow up for: New York, New York! I guess 4 years is better than not at all. :p


  1. Здравствуйте!
    I was on that Russian Club trip, having gone to a museum (Metropolitan?), Central Park, and a Japanese restaurant for lunch, where I got the least expensive thing on the menu since I was not paying for it, which is my protocol.
    I visit NYC much more regularly, though, particularly for the UNHQ (where I hope to get the Russian audio tour next time), since my mother's best friend from childhood lives there, and since my friends from Juilliard periodically invite me to their recitals, so it was not as memorable to me.

    Do you think you would be able to visit more often, at all?

    1. Meh, it's not my favorite place because of the expense. I've thought about taking a day trip some time in the late summer or fall, but I know staying overnight would be even more expensive.

  2. I think I've only been there twice. Once as a kid, and once to visit a friend as a teen. I don't remember much.

    1. I've only been there twice - with Arabic class in March 2011 and then with my parents on a bus trip (day trip) in June 2011. I would love to see Central Park. Maybe I'll see what is going on in Central Park this summer and take a trip just to go to Central Park for a day.

  3. I smiled at that picture of you in the small room - makes you look like a giantess! :D

    1. Baha,I wish all rooms were like that! :D