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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Baymax's Adventures Through PhilaTokyo #1

On Monday morning before work, I took Baymax on an abbreviated tour of PhilaTokyo (Philadelphia). I usually start my morning this way and wanted to bring Baymax along. One Saturday, I will bring Baymax for a longer tour of the city. He did love the LOVE statue and riding the el. He liked seeing the spray painted buildings.

Take #1.

I just love this one. :)

Baymax loved the el. He wanted to scan the homeless man sleeping across the aisle.
"On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your pain?" 

I'm thinking of building a site for Baymax's adventures through PhilaTokyo. Weebly is free and I've heard mixed things about that site. Stay tuned...


  1. A little Christian girl my sister's age asked FB if she should go sky-diving. Overall, it seems her friends are split 60/40 yes/no. I told her if she really wanted to. I think she will now, since not only have more of her friends said to, but the more eloquent ones have said it is a good idea to try.
    (My sister is not little any more, is she. It doesn't change they are about the same age.)

    This seems to have been my role lately, amplifying friends' opinions and making them feel better about themselves. For example, my friend Ian was telling me that his friends were stressing him out over drumming for them. He told me that the "gigs" they played were pro bono publico (he just said pro bono, but I insist on the full Latin phraseology for free: for the good of the public), not in very good taste, causing all sorts of social tensions between his friends, the organiser was late for, and were costing him lots of money on top of it. So I told him not to put up with it again, since they are clearly no fun for him any more. I don't know if his friends are having such a better time, but even if they are, it should not be at the cost of his comfort. True, he might just be a sourpuss. I told him, though, that since it did ruin his weekend (I talked with him throughout and verify this), I think he'd be better off if he didn't let his friends take advantage of him in the same way again.
    I may have to work with him on this, but that's okay. I should hope I'm cheaper than a social worker.

    Is it sometimes called PhilaTokyo? I saw only a Bentou place when I checked. (That latter word, びんとう, has a u at the end to make the last syllable long in poetry, but sometimes people ignore it claiming "diacritic" - so we had bentou boxes together recently! ありがとう! orz)

    If you want to do such a thing as build a site for Baymax's adventures, have fun! But it sounds like it might be a lot of work for a limited return, so economically it might be a better idea just to describe them here, as this site you would not really use past the memorial, I'd imagine.
    Unless you're thinking Baymax is going to have MANY adventures, almost more than Pooh Bear, maybe.

    1. In Big Hero 6, Baymax lives in San FranTokyo... a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo. To keep in line with the movie, I made Philadelphia "PhilaTokyo."

      I think I may keep Baymax's adventures to my blog. I'm not sure what the legal ramifications are for his own site since he's a Disney character. Maybe I could make Wesley an adventure site, but he has a Facebook. Baymax will stay on my blog and albums on Wesley's profile. :)

    2. Ah! As you can tell, I have not seen the movie. The closest I've ever seen is Wall-e. (Oğuz Eray encouraged me to see that one!)

      This is safest, so you don't have to deal with Disney's legal department.
      The limits are set by your imagination with Wesley! ^_^ My current fictive work's MC is named Wo Xe, 我 小鹅, essentially an author-insert. I have just been incredibly lazy about writing it. I added 5 words today, for crying out loud, expanding upon the Litsyonenko family, Xe's advisor's. He, Pavel Gregorievitch, has a born-again Christian daughter named Ksenia Pavlevna, who may be about Xe's age, but it is unclear, since in graduate school, not everyone is the same age.

      Hmm, tomorrow evening I am going out with Ian for mutual gain. It was tentative for a while, as he did not want to clearly beg me for my time when he couldn't see how it benefit me in return. I patiently explained how we were different people so even if he couldn't see what exactly I got out of it, I do gain something I want from it.
      I was unclear at the time, so I will explain again later.

  2. Haha, that's adorable!

    I haven't been to Love Park in years, I bet it's changed since I last saw it. I used to be the designated camera-person for all my skateboarder friends, and also the person on cop-lookout. Miss those days.

    1. Thank you!

      I can't say I ever went to Love Park as a kid; my parents aren't big fans of cities, especially my dad. The only city we ever visited a lot when I was growing up was Baltimore. I started going to Love Park 4 years ago and I know they have slowly been renovating it.

      I bet those days were tons of fun! I sometimes miss the middle school days.