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Monday, May 18, 2015

Turkish Delights and Rittenhouse Square

After visiting the post office located on 8th and 9th Market Streets, I took the bus to South Street to have lunch at Kabobeesh. I really liked that place when I visited last month. The Turkish owners were so happy to see me again - they welcomed me back. I took my seat where I sat last time; it was a very hot day on Saturday and that table was near the opened door. The one Turkish guy laughed and said, "You're sitting where you sat last time. Don't blame you, though, as that's the coolest spot," in his Turkish accent.

I ordered a Turkish Tea. I thought it was really strong, but it was good. I put a lot of sugar into it. I ordered Imam Faithful, which was a vegetarian eggplant dish. I ate meat all week, I wanted something vegetable based. The guy looked puzzled and said, "are you vegetarian?" I replied, "No. Just trying something new." He asked if I also wanted the Baba Ganuj like last time, but I said that would be too filling.

I did get some pictures. He took a picture of me sitting in the restaurant. He said if the owner was there, I could take more pictures. Maybe next time. When he brought out the Imam Faithful dish, it was really good. I scarfed everything down. I love eggplant and the rice was seasoned awesomely. I ordered more Turkish Tea and ordered their awesome Baklava.

Turkish Tea

Imam Faithful


After I was filled to the gills, I walked around South Street for a bit. I wanted to go to a hookah bar, but Eclipse wasn't opened yet and neither was the other one I went to three years ago. On my walk around South Street, I ran into Adventures In Feathers, a family that brings their parrots to places and get pictures. They were cute and so cool.

I ended up walking to 2nd and Market to take the Market Frankfurt Line to take the trolley to Rittenhouse Square. I was going to take a bus, but the bus never showed up, and I trekked the five blocks to the MFL. The trolley ride was neat.

Rittenhouse Square was very crowded. I saw two weddings. There were lots of performers and each Saturday there is a farmer's market. I bought a vichyssoise soup. I took some pictures of musicians, though one freaked out. He asked me if I knew his name - which I did and I requested him months ago on LinkedIn - but denied I knew it and said I took his picture two years ago. He called me rude and I fought with him for a bit - I am not a rude person, especially since I took his picture before without a problem. I then walked away and met some college students that wanted me to take their pictures. We all exchanged Instagram accounts and e-mail addresses. They were nice and we had a lot of fun.

Billy Goat is my favorite statue!

This little boy loved playing by Billy Goat and loved having his picture taken. There was a little girl that was the same way.

I love this one. I cracked a smile. :)

This statue was cool too.

I then went to Barnes and Noble and bought two Arabic books. One from Rumi, then another book in English and Arabic. I'm trying to get back into my Arabic.

Taking the MFL back to 69th Street to head home.

I had a nice day in the city. Turkish Delights and Rittenhouse Square (Album). I might write some poems about my day... later this week.


  1. I've been told by both Turkish and Russian people that sugar is the proper tea additive, but I can't stand it. (These are all good-looking people.) The last time I was in Philly I ate at a Subway in the train station, I believe - we were coming back from registering for the Broad Street run.

    Turkish tea is extremely strong! I don't know what they do to it. This has been my experience every time, too.

    Vichyssoise soup? *research* Oh, it looks good.
    The Imam Faithful looks even more filling!

    I ended up not going to the bird club meeting today since I wasn't feeling well.

    Sorry the Rittenhouse Square musician was hostile to you :( sometimes that happens.

    I've had so much trouble finding anything Arabic whenever I try - I always get into surrounding cultures. And then I'm more comfortable there (i.e. Greek - Ptolemy or something) so I stick around and get so distracted I forget I was originally looking for Arabic stuff.

    Have a good evening ^_^

    1. Maybe for a belated birthday gift, I will take you into Philadelphia and we can go to Arabic places. ^_^

      The tea is strong, but the coffee is even stronger! I found how to make them on Wikipedia; they're filtered differently. I put a lot of sugar in my tea. I wonder if you could use honey? Would honey work for you?

      The Imam Faithful was AWESOME! Tomorrow I'll have the Vichyssoise soup for lunch.

    2. Really? Aw, you're so kind! ^^ We'll have to talk more via, say, text.

      Yes, and what I can't stand about sugar I find utterly repulsive about coffee, though I have tried coffee just in case it was just all in my head. (Yuck.) Honey has worked okay...

      I hope you enjoy it ^^ I am probably going to make a couscous concoction for lunch with duck sauce, honey ham, raspberry, carrot, and onion. See, this is the kind of sweet I'm not against. (Duck sauce -> apricot chunks)

    3. Yes, that sounds good! Maybe we could celebrate both of our birthdays. :)

      I like honey. I usually prefer honey myself. And duck sauce is good. :)

    4. How would you like to do that? I propose some point in June a meeting. Perhaps to exchange ideas (I can probably come up with a list of Turkish references) at one of the malls?

      Need to run, later!

    5. I think that's a very good idea!

    6. Let me calculate the exact mid-point between our birthdays... my first try is 44 days in between. The 22nd day is Friday 12 June, right?

      Which mall would you prefer? I do not know if there are as many Arabic influences in the Exton Square Mall, but I've been culturally blind-sided by China and Japan, both of which are available everywhere there. There may be.

    7. Well, if you want to meet on a Friday... I work until 2 PM, so it'd have to be at the King of Prussia Mall on a Friday. Saturdays I am off and can go to Exton. I prefer going to Exton - too much construction going on at the KOP Mall. I've always preferred Exton, though.

    8. So it sounds like it has to be a Saturday, what with the construction you detail. Perhaps 13 June, slightly closer to your birthday, to make up for the mall being closer to my home. Would 11 a.m. work that day? That is when the food courts officially open. The new Japanese restaurant is nice :3

    9. Excellent! ^_^ *marks in planner*
      It's strange - I keep suggesting times and dates for so many things happening in the future, such as my doctor's appointment next week (I have a list of five things I'm seeking a consultation regarding, as far as I can tell most primarily the HPV vaccine which is a big problem in Russia, a nation-state the social security officer agreed was my next stop! :O).

      I hope to see you then ^_^

  2. Large portions! I've never had Turkish food.

    1. Turkish food is really good and very filling!I think it's relatively healthy for you.

  3. Jess, loved this!
    That dish's name is not Imam Faithful, but Imam fainted, and there's a story behind it. Imam's wife cooked this dish and Imam loved it and asked what was in it. When the wife told him how much oil went in it, Imam fainted from shock, as oil was a very expensive commodity those days.
    Write on! :)

    1. Thanks, Joy! :)

      You're right - it is "Imam Fainted." I think I just had Islam on the mind and called it "Faithful." Ooops. That's a really interesting story and it makes sense. I wrote this down, so when I write a cleaner piece of this, I can include this history. Thank you!

  4. Replies
    1. One is a goat named Billy, the other is a lion.