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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (5/25/2015-5/31/2015)

Monday, May 25

Before we turned on the AC, Mimi hung out on the marble breakfast bar. She finds the marble to be very cool. She then sat and judged me as I ate my Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets and drank my sprite. She did play with the straw paper, though.

Wednesday, May 27

I love the flower displays at the one Starbucks I go to every morning. Mom and dad know the florist well and he always has done such a great job.

Baymax and I are elated that Big Hero 6 came in!

Thursday, May 28

Summer is here! Not only is it hot and humid, but the flowers are in bloom and the honey bees are buzzing around. As I was going around taking pictures, Mimi watched me from the door. How sweet.

Friday, May 29

Before work I went into Philadelphia. I usually go to work at 8:15 AM, but the director wasn't in on Friday and the other woman with the key doesn't arrive until 9. I had two hours to kill, so I went into the city. Sadly, with the high speed line construction, I only had 15 minutes in the city. I snapped this of City Hall with my phone. I thought I took a selfie in front of it, BUT it didn't save on my phone. :( Ah well, it was nice taking a brief walk around the city in the early morning. It was also nice having a little adventure before work. I thought I was going to be a bit late with construction, but I arrived on time. This little adventure made me feel rejuvenated - good work day.

I love casual Fridays. Memphis Blues Cat shirt. I took this selfie in the el with my cell phone.

Mail call! The Packers and Ravens shirts I ordered came in. Then one of my Instagram friends sent me two signed Twiztid posters. He cleaned out his closet and thought of me, so he sent me these. How very thoughtful and made me smile. :) Thanks, @the.ace.of.spades! I really appreciate it and can't wait to frame them to hang up. :)

Saturday, May 30

Dad had a party for his co-workers yesterday. It was a lot of fun and it was very nice to meet all of dad's co-workers. Dad's supervisor brought his son and he was so adorable. I did have the children's movies set up (refer to the first pictures), but he wasn't interested in watching movies. After his shyness wore off, he was more interested in running up and down the hills, then playing with Miss Mimi. Party was a success.

Moe is back! I wondered what happened to him for a week - vacation. I missed chatting with him and glad he's back. :)

Sunday, May 31

This will be my fun after I work on some of my book and before I go to the book discussion this afternoon. I was adventurous and installed the Al-Jazeera app in Arabic to my phone. I wanted to challenge myself. I have children's Arabic books, but want to try this too.

Maybe later I'll get a picture of the book discussion - maybe before it starts. It's the last one before the summer starts. I always feel odd taking pictures of that, but maybe I shouldn't. If I do get a picture, I'll edit this later. :)


Just arrived home from my last book discussion. I didn't care for TransAtlantic and didn't finish it. It seems like the consensus of the group was a mixed bag. Some liked it, but others didn't. Some, like me, thought it was choppy. I'd read other books by Colum McCann, though. It was a great last discussion with a lot of laughs, meaningful discussions, and a lot of philosophy that made me think. I'm glad I signed up for the last two discussions. I can't wait for the fall.

The picture isn't the best. I took it rather slyly and before the discussion began (about two minutes before the discussion began, more came in and all the seats were taken - I thought I took a picture of that, but alas... like Friday, my phone didn't save it. >_<). I think for now, I won't be e-mailing people long updates. I'll just put everything together for a newsletter at the end of the year. I feel like my e-mail updates annoy people and maybe a yearly newsletter wouldn't be too bad. I like sending out yearly newsletters anyway. However, people I am really close to I will keep in touch. What do you think? Is a newsletter at the end of the year better than weekly updates and a newsletter at the end of the year?


  1. *finally shelves Economics text* Personally, I am not bothered by weekly updates! In fact, I think this is a good way to maintain contact. It's not that hard to hit the "delete" button in one's inbox if disinterested or even hateful.
    I do that sometimes, I'm not ashamed to admit. (Not feeling hateful, rather, but deleting things I'm not interested in discussing)

    This week I am going to my physician, most specifically to get my HPV shot so that I can travel with minimal concern, but also for things like lipids. (Also since I find it unbelievably fun to communicate in Russian outside the classroom context xD I imagine it's similar to your Arabic cultural imbibing)

    So my opinion is that you should not let others dictate what you do. It might be that your personality is as malleable as mine had been, so if you come across a dictatorial friend you'll just do exactly as (s)he says. :/

    But I think no, a newsletter at the end of the year would mean I'd only talk with you once a year. Perhaps my opinion is an outlier in your collection of friends' opinions, though.

    Do as you choose best! ^_^ See you in between our birthdays, slightly towards yours, if closer to me!

    1. That's true, Claire. Sometimes I feel like a pest for no reason... especially after last year with all those trials and tribulations. After the last update, someone told me she wants to unsubscribe (I don't have a subscription). I guess it might be we weren't close to begin with. Maybe I'll just keep monthly updates to close friends and then send yearly newsletters by mail and e-mail.I think that would be fair.

      Good luck with everything!

  2. Mimi on the bar - love it. :) Smudge used to roll around on concrete and in gravely, like because it 1. felt cool and 2. felt good on his fur/skin. Would be good if cats could talk so we could find out!

    Like Mimi looking at your phone, too. :) Some people seem to think that animals can't see objects on screens but no, they can.

    1. Haha, yes! I wish Mimi could talk because I think she'd have a lot to say!

      Mimi loves watching TV and I have heard other animals do too. Animals are a lot smarter than some people give them credit for!