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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (5/18/2015-5/23/2015)

Hi readers and happy Saturday!

I know I have said I would stop long Secret Life entries, but this week I am making an exception. I had a busy week and some events didn't require their own entries (well, one does... but I will write about that at a later time) and want to write about the events on this entry. I also took a lot of pictures of these events that I want to share with you all!

I've been loving these two songs lately. Gilgamesh is just a great album and I've been rocking out to it every day.

I love the Arabic lyrics. I hope some day my Arabic speaking will sound that good. When I speak, I sound childish; I guess because I'm still learning. Haha. I sound funny and that's why I like writing in Arabic.

"The Quest For Eternity." I just love this song, end of story.

I enjoy Acrassicauda and I hope you all check out their music. Very nice guys and very talented. Enjoy and to my American readers; HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! ROCK ON!


I noticed the guy that pierced my forward helix posted the picture he took of my ear.

Ironically, he posted it a day after the jewelry was changed because a hoop works better. Here's what I took last Saturday:

Healing has been better too. I prefer hoops with those type of piercings. The one on my opposite ear that Infinite did is a hoop.

Tuesday, May 19

The day of the Wellness Expo - the first for the UMSSC. It was a lot of work and I was on my feet for 10 hours, but it was a success. I was the event photographer and took pictures of the exhibitors. When the Phillies Ball Girls and the retired Atlanta Braves/ Philadelphia Phillies pitcher came, I took pictures of people with them as well. I know I'm not a fan, but I took a picture with them too. They were nice.
I love this one that I took of the Zumba instructors.

The UMSSC band providing entertainment.

Ms. Pennsylvania Senior American! She was a beautiful lady inside and out. I loved her scrapbooks and we had conversations about our scrapbooking hobbies. I'm glad she posed for a picture with me.

Ms. Pennsylvania Senior and the ball girls.

Ms. Pennsylvania Senior and Tommy Greene.

The VP and the ball girls.

Me and Tommy Greene.

Me and the ball girls.

The one woman I took a picture of with the girls, I sent her the pictures via e-mail. She loved my photography and asked if I was a professional doing this as a living. I said, "No, but the goal one day is. I do photograph events for the Senior Center, though, and I am opening up a shop. I have a few more things to add to it. If you're interested, you can check it out: Jessica's Photography & Craft Shop." She replied back that she will check it out and she can't wait for me to mail her some pictures as well. I'll be adding more to the shop and the grand opening will be Monday. Please check out my shop!

I'm just glad the Expo was a success and everyone had a great time. We had over 300 visitors and over 45 exhibitors.

Thursday, May 21

MEGA BAD MOVIE NIGHT! The evening was awesome - after running to the post office for the UMSSC, then walking around South Street, and then FYE for a bit, I arrived at 5:30. I checked in, then I saw a sand gecko from Saudi Arabia.

I had a light snack and lemonade. The snacks were good, but I knew after Mega Bad Movie Night, I'd go to a restaurant near by. After I ate, I walked around and looked at some more animals like the falcon. I posed as a fly trapped in fly paper, then as Jeff Goldblum's fly.
Eating, viewing maggots, and having a good time.

Love the signs.

Others playing "Would You Rather..." game.

I then played the "Would You Rather..." dice game. Two die and whichever statements the die land on, you have to choose one you would rather do. You then write your choice on the sticker. The one I chose was disgusting and totally not me, but we all need a laugh some time:
This was my option on dice #1.

What was on dice #2 and I chose. Like I said, out of the ordinary for me. Haha.

I then tried the relay race with fly goggles. Oh man, I don't know how flies can move; I couldn't see straight with those goggles and it seems like a miracle that I finished the course. I didn't "lay eggs" though, so I guess there's that.

I then went to the Animal Grossology exhibit. It was awesome and I definitely want to go back! Very creative and a lot of fun.

Before the movie started, I went near the Butterflies! and had my DNA collected in a vial for me to keep. That was neat, though the salt water I had to swish around in my mouth tasted horrible. Ick. I still have it and will keep it.

When the movie started with the Tribbles, an all female cast, it was great. Their comments were awesome! This was my first time seeing the 1986 version of The Fly; I've always watched the Vincent Price one. It's different and both have a lot of far fetched science involved, but the Tribbles' comments really made the movie. It was definitely a good night out and I can't wait for the next one.

I ended up at Con Murphy's afterwards and had bangers and mash. The chef made the bangers especially for me and they were awesome! Thanks chef at Con Murphy's!

Friday, May 22

Center was closed; worked 9 am - 2 pm at the library. After work at the library, I went to garden for one of the members of the senior center. I told her on Tuesday I wouldn't mind.

Before. This was garden #1 (I did two and a half gardens).


I shouldn't have worn shorts - the aftermath. My legs were all scratched.

She asked how much she owed me. I was there for 2 hours and said, "$10. $5/hour." She then said, "Oh, you're expensive." On Tuesday I said I could do it free of charge, but she said that was nonsense. I don't think $5/hour is expensive. Do you? Who knows if she'll use me again... but I did a lot of weeding for her.

Saturday, May 22

I bought my own Baymax plushie! Baymax is the best robot. Big Hero 6 was awesome.

Went on a shopping spree today. Bought work clothes and new summer clothes. This is the fun outfit I bought. I am happy with my progress. I've come a long way in 5 years. GO ME!

Welcome home, Baymax! I like these two of me, but especially of me hugging him. I look peaceful here. There's just something peaceful and innocent about this picture. What do you think?

Happy Caturday!

I hope everyone has a great holiday and has a great week ahead! Thanks for reading! ~Jessica


  1. I tutor for $20/hour. $5/hour for gardening? I think people here would hire you any day!

    1. I thought what I charged was fair. She didn't want me to do it for free... so I'm not sure how low she thought I'd go. Okay, how about $1-$2/hour. It was bizarre.

  2. I went through a world music phase. I have an "Arabic Groove" CD. Your music reminds me of Nine Inch Nails.

    Ears look good. Lucky you cleaned them... haha

    1. What's on the "Arabic Groove" CD? If you didn't make it yourself, I might have to look it up and order it. :D

      Nine Inch Nails is one of my favorites! I grew up with Trent and one of my best friends is a huge fan... it rubbed off on me.

      Thank you! :) I always clean my ears. Every night with a q-tip, then salt water bath for the piercings. It's like going into an ocean.

  3. If you don't want to stop making Secret Life entries, then, as you haven't, don't worry about it. Less mental anguish for you so you can think about other things.

    My apologies for delaying on commenting here, I'd been lazily turning twenty-six. The most terrifying part about it was the phone call from Blue Cross Blue Shield! I knew it was coming, though, my whole life. There are no worries to be had. The insurance lady was gentler than I'd expected.

    I want to be kind and meet with you in June for a mutual birthday celebration!
    My focus so far in life when considering other languages and cultures is Russian, like Mosfilm's Hot Snow (lazy translation of Горячий снег - it's so violent I can only watch a few minutes at a time without freaking out - actually, pulling out the dictionary, hot in that instance is also synonymous with violent, fierce, passionate... no wonder) which I'd been watching yesterday. Then Tolstoy sneaked in some French, which ended up translating into Turkish.

    I've studied paleontology for years and never heard of a dilophosaur. ._. *research* Okay, it's the venom-spitting dinosaur from Jurassic Park, except that was just creative license by Crichton.

    OK! I get myself to watch the violent movie in five-minute increments, since it really does freak me out, but I want to withstand everything of this culture I've been ensnared by...
    Have a nice day! ^_^ *checks library holds* The only one of 10 currently is something on Lyndon Johnson a middle school friend kept telling me to read. What I actually want to read this go round is the Ismail Kadare translation, Twilight of the Eastern Gods.

    1. I'm not going to stop them - however, I'll be taking a two week break between summer solstice and my birthday. I take a two week break every 3 months... to rejuvenate.

      Did the insurance offer you to continue on your parents' plan as long as you pay a certain amount a month? People explained to me that when I turn 26, dad's insurance should offer me the insurance he has - then I will go through the exchanges and pay $1000/month or something like that. Yes, I still am looking for FT work.

      Okay! Just let me know in June would be good. It would have to be a Saturday or Friday afternoon (after 2:30 PM on Friday). I can't wait to catch up with you. :)

  4. Ah yes, "Would You Rather" - not something I've played nor do I particularly want to! :D I'm sure it's fun, mind you, but not really for me.

    1. Yeah, some of the choices were rather gross!