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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (4/27/2015-5/2/2015)

Last Sunday mom and I went to the SEPOS's Orchid Show held by the Academy of Natural Sciences. It was a really nice time and mom bought an orchid. It's beginning to bloom. It was also a nice time in the city.

Tomorrow we're going to the Morris Arboretum since the day pass from the library came in. Excited!

Monday, April 27

The package from Acrassicauda came! T-shirt and signed CD along with a thank you letter.
Gilgamesh ROCKED. Gilgamesh Review. I'm really proud of Acrassicauda. :)

Tuesday, April 28

Trying on my shirt before I get dressed for work. I think I needed a selfie-stick.

Wednesday, April 29

The Senior Center had a luncheon for the volunteers. Mummers came in to entertain.

Friday, May 1

One of the seniors snapped this of me. I was taking pictures of the activities. I like how this turned out. As I posted yesterday on LinkedIn: I love spending time with the seniors. As a temp, I was unofficially assigned the role as event photographer. I decided today I would take some pictures of the activities. Today was sing along. The leader of the sing along said to me, "May I use your camera to get a picture of you? We have people come in at times for our pictures, but we never get a picture of them." Handed her my camera and she snapped this picture. They invited me to sing too. It was nice. 

Lily of the Valleys are beginning to bloom!

Saturday, May 2

Bleeding Hearts!


  1. I thought Acrassicauda was a country, at first. Doh.

    1. Haha. They're from Iraq and if I remember correctly, they're named after a scorpion specifically found in Baghdad.

  2. Bleeding hearts make me think of my grandmother's front garden! There were bushes of them there.

    No other comment.

    I decided against commenting privately to Kasra about the police officer incident of this morning, since I only planned to kvetch to him that I was a little uncomfortable with the liberal v. conservative battle that comment thread became, besides lauding his family in brain surgery expertise comparison.
    I have nothing more of merit to say to him, especially since I don't want to draw another man into the whirlpool that Matt and Oğuz are circling around.
    Then anyway it looks like both Mellissa the linguist and one of my atheist friends were curious by the mass of comments.
    It's not really worth pursuing any farther. It'll die by itself.

    1. Sorry about starting an argument on your status. Those type of people just annoy me. It's always the "racist" cop's fault and never the criminal's fault whose background started it. I still am a big believer of personal responsibility and that starts at home with parents. If parents aren't capable, then more people need to be mentors. People can fume and protest all they want, but unless they are out there mentoring these at-risk people, they are effectively doing nothing.

  3. Those bleeding hearts are beautiful.