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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday 5/21/2015

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm thankful for one of the seniors that is going to look over my "The Soundtrack To Your Life" portion of my manuscript. That is going to be a HUGE help and I'm thankful for the kindness. I'm thankful overall for my second job at the Senior Center - a lot of the members have been very helpful and encouraging. It's nice.

I'm also thankful for my friends that are helping me with Arabic. I try to keep up with it because I loved learning it and want to continue learning more. I'm thankful my friends are willing to help me as much as they can. :)

Tonight I'm heading off to Mega Bad Movie Night - I'm thankful the Academy of Natural Sciences has these events. I look forward to the games, the movie comments, and the laughter. I'm looking forward to tonight. I'll be posting pictures at some point tomorrow or on Saturday (I'm going to be helping a lady from the Senior Center garden after work at the library tomorrow... it might be Saturday). Lately life has been good and I'm thankful for it. I like the quote I posted.


  1. Hello, Jessica!

    I thought I wouldn't see Matt again until probably June, but he surprised me into pouring the rest of my tea down the sink when he came over to spend the maximum amount of time with me today for my birthday. (Before my father returned from school) So this makes me a little concerned about what I'm going to say to Ian tomorrow, since M. is definitely closer to me, yet Ian told me he is taking me to Friendly's tomorrow.
    Then again, I. has a girlfriend in Connecticut, so our meeting is just as friends even if we did kiss farewell last time. I will just enjoy the ice cream, I guess. (M. tends to avoid weekend get-togethers for whatever reason - perhaps church? Maybe he associates me with academia which is a Monday-through-Friday activity? Next time I could ask, if it vexed me that much.)

    Speaking of thanks, I thanked Kirill yesterday (and assured him his other ideas were completely unnecessary) and he makes me feel more like I actually know what I'm doing in Russian.
    I'll probably continue our conversation... after I've slept more. I jumped on the Cyrillic user option on LJ as soon as it became available! And have such fun with that. (Though when I speak po-russkiy I've generally tended to sound childish - it's better in writing than in speaking, where I have this indecipherable Chinese accent! I guess I could practise it out. I'll ask next week for the equivalent of she sells seashells by the seashore - though I think I have that in my personal library... *shuffles through the pile of Russian books*)

    I am thankful you gave me the idea to try reading some Arabic stuff soonish :) Chekhov is keeping me so occupied though! Matt asked me why I was reading him. I gave him a look like why shouldn't I read Chekhov calculated precisely to make him uncomfortable. Mission accomplished. (Although I do feel a little guilty for making him uncomfortable when he's just wishing me a happy birthday!)

    Soonish I'll wander away for dinner. Not very hungry, though. I didn't comment on this yesterday since I was very busy reading Ward No. 6.

    1. You're welcome! You'll enjoy Arabic literature. :)

      I prefer typing Arabic. I sound like I have a stuttering problem when I try speaking it - sometimes I take a little while to say things because I try perfecting it. I really want to start lessons, so if I do... I hope that would help it.

  2. I agree: I try to be as thankful/grateful as possible, although I do become upset when I help out and my by-choice help is seen as expected and goes unthanked. There is an overabundance of unthankful people! :(