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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pictures From Film

On Friday The Camera Shop in Bryn Mawr called me to tell me my pictures from the disposable camera were developed. I trekked down to Bryn Mawr, then headed to Philadelphia afterwards. However, I noticed only half of the film developed. This disposable camera I bought from the Academy of Natural Sciences was like the camera from Urban Outfitters. I guess if I want to shoot in film, I'll just buy my own film and use dad's Olympus SLR camera. Here are the pictures that developed. Most of them are from Philadelphia at the end of February:

Snake at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

From the walk to work.


I remember the day I bought that disposable camera well. I wanted to take pictures of the city in film because I've never done that before. I went into the gift shop and bought the camera. I took pictures of the buildings, the el (they developed, but it was I didn't upload), and of the Academy.I like the building pictures. I would definitely do that activity again - maybe in the summer!

I'm going to work on an entry about my day out in Philadelphia yesterday (pictures taken with digital camera - Nikon D3100). Today was busy, especially with the book discussion. Please stand by.


  1. I used to live there in Philly, I still miss it sometimes. The photos came out really nice. Film is a lot of fun to play with. I switched to digital as of this past Christmas, but I still try to take the film cameras out every once in a while. Digital can look really nice, but nothing beats film.

    1. I'm starting to really like film as well. I think I'm just going to buy black and white film for my dad's Olympus SLR camera since those pictures tend to develop fully unlike disposable. I just love my dad's camera. I prefer black and white; sometimes I'll even take my digital pictures in black and white.

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    1. Thanks, Andrew. In three months time, snow should be coming back! :)