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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Never Give Up

For's forty-eight hour challenge using Rule The World by Walk Off Earthas inspiration.

Never Give Up
Jessica Marie

Never give up, she said,
if one door closes, don't sink like lead,
stand strong because you're talented and smart.
You're right, I said, as we part.
Keep moving with Arabic, syllables tread.

I sat myself at the desk, table cloth red
and began to flip through Arabic pages never read,
tales of Islam and foods like tarts,
or fairy tales, or manners like expressions after farts.
Never give up,

in texts with Moe in the dead
of the night - baladi never fill me with dread,
it makes the future in lands so far
seem close; even with some failure, my goal will never dart,
even if it takes weeks or years to bed.
Never give up, she urged.

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