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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Morris Arboretum 5/3/2015

On Sunday, mom and I went to Morris Arboretum. The pass from the library came in, after having it on hold since last August, and Sunday was our free day. It was my first time there, but mom had been there before years ago.

When we arrived at a little after 10 AM, mom and I went into the gift shop.I saw a lot of neat things, but I wanted to wait for my first paycheck from the second job. Mom bought bee socks for Aunt Peg. After meandering through the gift shop, we then went through the gardens. Oh my God, those gardens were gorgeous and some felt ethereal.

Mom bought a membership because it's a lot closer to us than Longwood Gardens. Sometime soon we'll be going back. We might bring a picnic lunch. It was just so peaceful there. I would recommend Morris Arboretum. It's located in Montgomery County, outside of Philadelphia.


  1. That bell - the fourth picture - is awesome. Well, at least it looks like a bell. What is its purpose?