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Friday, May 8, 2015

Home From Ball Game and Night in the City

I just returned home from my evening out with Dave. We went to see a baseball game and although I'm not a fan of the teams that were playing, I still had a lot of fun. I hadn't seen him in two years and it was nice catching up. It was also nice just getting out.

I have to figure out how to get rid of that light behind me. Stadium lights.

I wore my Acrassicauda shirt. I was a bit nervous about it because it has Arabic (الجهل الجريمة
or "Ignorance is a crime") on the back. You never know what to expect. However, the shirt was a hit with some people - it went over well. When I was getting Dave and I food at Harry the K's, one guy was reading my back. I turned over and he said, "Oh, I'm just reading your shirt."

I replied, "Ah, okay. I will admit I was a bit nervous about it. You just never know what to expect."

He laughed, "I guess so. We're in Philly after all."

He said he was from New York and he was at the game with an Arab - my shirt caught his attention because I guess he was at the game with an Arab. It was a good 10 minute conversation as we waited for our food and drinks.

On my way home, I was talking to three Muslim young women as we waited for the train home and on the train home. They got off at Ardmore and I had to get off at Wayne. They were nice to talk to and I spoke some broken Arabic. They asked me if I knew any and I explained it's very broken from some instruction at college. Wasn't the best, but I'm proud that I spoke it the best I could and they were patient about it. We had some laughs; however, I noticed some people giving us dirty stares because well, y'all know why. It's a shame, but you can't help people.

Still, it was a nice night out. I'll write more about it for my Secret Life. It's almost midnight and I am tired. Night!


  1. How was your evening out with your friend Dave?
    My Thursday afternoon out with my friend Matt involved enough music, linguistics, food and exercise to keep me happy! I told him of the eight goals I had with him, we met seven so I was happy. (The only one we didn't breach involved integral calculus - I told him that one can wait until next time!)
    I hope I don't have to go to a game with him, I'm not fond of sport.

    My sister might know how to help with the light, but I know she dislikes you...
    You told me about this!

    Interesting you've had such use of your Arabic study. ^_^
    Yesterday at the Social Security office I was speaking in broken Russian with the psychologist. Um. :D Similar. It's small world!
    Don't let small-minded people perturb you.

    Have a good evening!

    1. It was fun! I'm a Brewers/Tigers/Orioles girl, but it was fun to get out and meet other people as well. It was nice seeing Dave. :)

      I'm happy about my use of Arabic. Seriously, when I get the funds, I'm going to continue on. I try to keep up with it daily. Tonight I might write Arabic calligraphy, or at least attempt it.

      Yes, sadly. :( I might see what PicMonkey has to offer.

  2. Hello! New follower here. I am a big baseball fan but I have never been to a game in Philly. I live in NJ and have friends/family near Philly so maybe one day. Glad you had a good time and met some good people. It is a shame that some people are automatically suspicious of Arabs or anyone who speaks Arabic - but anyone who knew what your short said could see the irony in that. :)

    Alone With My Thoughts

    1. Welcome to my Blog! I'll check out your blog and follow along.

      That's so true! The back was in Arabic, but underneath it, it had the English translation. Here's the back:

      You should make a trip. I am a huge Packers fan and took a trip twice - it's good to get away some time. There's a lot to do in Philly, so when you do get a chance, it's worth a trip. Are you closer to New York or the Shore Points?

    2. Ah yes, your 'short' does say that haha...silly typo.

      I do want to go to Philly someday (I've only been in NJ for 10 yrs) but we just havent been able to for whatever reason. Someday though! I'm a Packers fan myself - from the Favre/Sharpe/Reggie White days. Been to a couple games at Giants Stadium and had a blast. We're in central NJ, not too far from the shore. NY is maybe 30 mins away.

      Thanks for checking out my blog!

    3. Ah, okay! A few years ago (actually, it was 5) we went to see the Statue of Liberty. That was my first time in that part of New Jersey - it was neat, although we went in October and it was windy/cool. I've only been to NYC twice, but like to see more. I haven't been to the beach in 11 years, haha.

      Sports in general live are so much fun. I love traveling to see game. I was thinking of treating my dad to a Ravens game (he's a huge Ravens fan), but it'll depend on Baltimore come football season. M&T Field is neat too (I went myself two years ago).

      It happens. :p I was chatting with a friend last night briefly after waking up before going back to bed, and the keyboard just ran together. Between that and auto correct, I most likely didn't make sense. I laugh at what auto correct comes up with at times.

      You're welcome!