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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Walk Down Memory Lane #2

In honor of the self-published book I am working on that will include some of my stories/poetry from "Soundtrack To My Life" and will include all the poetry I wrote for NaPoWriMo... here's an entry from "Soundtrack To My Life." I found the concert pictures last week and was so happy!

This is just a brief post because one of the members of the senior center will be looking at some of the "Soundtrack To My Life" to make sure it's legally sound. He's a former lawyer and he said using song titles can get dicey at times. I'm grateful for him.

Alice In Chains is one of my favorite Grunge bands. Although the guy who replaced Layne in 2009 isn't the same, I still enjoyed seeing Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots in 2010 when they played MMRBBQ. WMMR is a rock radio station in Philadelphia. An old friend from college, her dad used to be a DJ for the radio station and he gave her four tickets for MMRBBQ. MMRBBQ is a rock concert held every year in May (Memorial Day weekend). Sam posted a few weeks before the concert that she had extra tickets and whomever wanted to go should message her. I messaged her because I considered her a good acquaintance and I wanted to go. She was happy when I messaged her because she was going to message me to ask if I wanted to come along.

That Saturday, Sam drove forty-five minutes to my house to pick me up to bring me back to her house in Media. It was cool of her parents to let me stay over night because it would be easier that way. The concert was an all day event on a Sunday. Her family was really nice and she was a really cool girl too. We talked a bit in the Spring semester, but getting to know her more was a lot of fun. We watched some movies and just talked. On Sunday, Greg, which I used to have a crush on and that's how I met her... through Greg, came over because he was going too. At that point, he had a new girlfriend (that was soul crushing to me at the time *Laugh* ) , and he texted her the whole time.

We left Sam's house to go to Camden, NJ at about 11am. We arrived in Camden, I'd say a good 45 minutes later. I got to meet Pierre Robert (he's the famous personality from WMMR), Preston and Steve. The opening acts were decent, but I was so happy when Stone Temple Pilots came on, followed by Alice In Chains. Like the Twiztid show in 2013, I was singing along with every AIC song and by the time we left Camden that night, I was hoarse.

Like I said, I was happy to find these pictures again. These were from May 2010:

Alice In Chains! Jerry Cantrell!

Better one of Alice In Chains.

Better one of Jerry Cantrell.

I look young here. I'm a month shy of 21.

I might ask about the legality of including some of these pictures. I probably can only use me and the friends photo and the one of me rocking on. Hmmm...

...I'll keep y'all posted on the book!


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    1. Thank you, Susie! Can't wait to be done. My head is spinning.

  2. Wow...2010 - we didn't know each other back then. :o