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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (5/25/2015-5/31/2015)

Monday, May 25

Before we turned on the AC, Mimi hung out on the marble breakfast bar. She finds the marble to be very cool. She then sat and judged me as I ate my Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets and drank my sprite. She did play with the straw paper, though.

Wednesday, May 27

I love the flower displays at the one Starbucks I go to every morning. Mom and dad know the florist well and he always has done such a great job.

Baymax and I are elated that Big Hero 6 came in!

Thursday, May 28

Summer is here! Not only is it hot and humid, but the flowers are in bloom and the honey bees are buzzing around. As I was going around taking pictures, Mimi watched me from the door. How sweet.

Friday, May 29

Before work I went into Philadelphia. I usually go to work at 8:15 AM, but the director wasn't in on Friday and the other woman with the key doesn't arrive until 9. I had two hours to kill, so I went into the city. Sadly, with the high speed line construction, I only had 15 minutes in the city. I snapped this of City Hall with my phone. I thought I took a selfie in front of it, BUT it didn't save on my phone. :( Ah well, it was nice taking a brief walk around the city in the early morning. It was also nice having a little adventure before work. I thought I was going to be a bit late with construction, but I arrived on time. This little adventure made me feel rejuvenated - good work day.

I love casual Fridays. Memphis Blues Cat shirt. I took this selfie in the el with my cell phone.

Mail call! The Packers and Ravens shirts I ordered came in. Then one of my Instagram friends sent me two signed Twiztid posters. He cleaned out his closet and thought of me, so he sent me these. How very thoughtful and made me smile. :) Thanks, @the.ace.of.spades! I really appreciate it and can't wait to frame them to hang up. :)

Saturday, May 30

Dad had a party for his co-workers yesterday. It was a lot of fun and it was very nice to meet all of dad's co-workers. Dad's supervisor brought his son and he was so adorable. I did have the children's movies set up (refer to the first pictures), but he wasn't interested in watching movies. After his shyness wore off, he was more interested in running up and down the hills, then playing with Miss Mimi. Party was a success.

Moe is back! I wondered what happened to him for a week - vacation. I missed chatting with him and glad he's back. :)

Sunday, May 31

This will be my fun after I work on some of my book and before I go to the book discussion this afternoon. I was adventurous and installed the Al-Jazeera app in Arabic to my phone. I wanted to challenge myself. I have children's Arabic books, but want to try this too.

Maybe later I'll get a picture of the book discussion - maybe before it starts. It's the last one before the summer starts. I always feel odd taking pictures of that, but maybe I shouldn't. If I do get a picture, I'll edit this later. :)


Just arrived home from my last book discussion. I didn't care for TransAtlantic and didn't finish it. It seems like the consensus of the group was a mixed bag. Some liked it, but others didn't. Some, like me, thought it was choppy. I'd read other books by Colum McCann, though. It was a great last discussion with a lot of laughs, meaningful discussions, and a lot of philosophy that made me think. I'm glad I signed up for the last two discussions. I can't wait for the fall.

The picture isn't the best. I took it rather slyly and before the discussion began (about two minutes before the discussion began, more came in and all the seats were taken - I thought I took a picture of that, but alas... like Friday, my phone didn't save it. >_<). I think for now, I won't be e-mailing people long updates. I'll just put everything together for a newsletter at the end of the year. I feel like my e-mail updates annoy people and maybe a yearly newsletter wouldn't be too bad. I like sending out yearly newsletters anyway. However, people I am really close to I will keep in touch. What do you think? Is a newsletter at the end of the year better than weekly updates and a newsletter at the end of the year?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Songs That Inspire Me

I love music. I love almost every genre of music and will spends hours listening to it - on walks, when I'm going places, etc. A few weeks ago Rolling Stone had an article where artists (Marilyn Manson was one!) wrote about 5-10 songs that inspired them. It was interesting to read the lists. I'd like to share with you 12 songs that inspire me, along with a story to go along with why they inspire me.

1. Acrassicauda - Garden of Stones

This was the first song that I listened to by Acrassicauda after buying their book, Heavy Metal in Baghdad (transcripts from the documentary movie). I love the energy to it and it inspires me to pick up a guitar and write songs, or at least poetry.

As you all know, I am working on a book that I hope to be done next month at some point. Ironically, Lyn sent me a prompt yesterday for's blog and I never got around to writing it. This list is going to make me write it here:

What do you think is necessary to turn your blog into a published book? Do you need to base your blog on one topic or theme? Or have random entries like we do with here in the group? Do you think we will see blogs published as books in the future?
I usually wouldn't publish my blog from because most of what I write on is for prompts and it's personal. However, I would publish what I have posted on Blogger and I have. However, for the book I am publishing, I am making one exception from I'll be including some of the stories and poems I wrote for Soundtrackers along with the NaPoWriMo prompts and general poetry. I'm editing them now. For instance, I edited the entry for Acrassicauda's Garden of Stones for my book. Here is a blurb:

We drove over the Blue Ridge Mountains. I looked down upon my blue silk head scarf. Although I was finished afternoon prayer, I wanted to put the blue silk around my brown hair to protect my head from the sun once we get out of the car. The day before I was badly burned as we floated along the Shenandoah. I had a shirt over me, like always, to protect myself from the sun. However, I didn't think of putting sun screen on my scalp and legs, I was badly burned, and was now in pain. 

I had my earbuds on—Garden of Stones blasting into my ear drums. Acrassicauda. A heavy metal band from Baghdad. I liked their style; a blend of Pantera, Metallica, and all of my metal favorites. I had discovered the band three months prior—April 2010—when I searched for “Heavy Metal and Islam.” I have heard of Christian Metal and wanted to see if Islam had an equivalent. I found their book, Heavy Metal in Baghdad (also a documentary), ordered it and was captivated with their story. 

The Virginia trip was fun, especially standing on the rocks that peered out onto the Shenandoah Valley. Standing on the rocks atop the Blue Ridge Mountains was terrifying (I am terrified of heights), but once I had my bearings, I calmed down seeing God’s beautiful grace down below me. The winds hit my face and relieved the burns from yesterday. “God is good,” I thought to myself as I closed my eyes.

Buy the book to read the rest. :D

2. Acrassicauda- Unity

I just love the Arabic in this song. Like Garden of Stones, this song inspires me to keep writing and keep writing in Arabic. It's fun. :)

3. Talal Maddah- Time of Silence

I really like his مرحباً song that Moe sent me last month. That song always puts a smile on my face because the beat is so cheery. I listen to that song every morning and it always puts me in a good mood. Time of Silence is a second favorite and it's another song that puts me in a good mood. Maddah's music also reminds me of Moe and I like Maddah's voice.

4. Smashing Pumpkins - Today

As Marilyn Manson wrote in Rolling Stone, "most people think this song is a happy song about the best day of his life. It really isn't and it's so dark." I have always admired Billy Corgin's writing style and I love how he can put irony into something that is so upbeat. The song is about suicide, but most wouldn't pick up on it because the meaning is hidden deep within the lyrics. I like that about writing and I do that with my writing at times as well. Also, Today was the first song I learned on the guitar. I would play the song for hours in the hot summer heat. When I first started playing my acoustic guitar, I would sit on Nan's couch and strum to it. Then my ex gave me an electric guitar and I bought an amp. It sounded so much better on electric. When I bought the electric Fender, I would plug the guitar into my amp and play Today, Come As You Are, Cowboys From Hell, and Iron Man for hours.


I just love this song. This song really helped me through a dark time in my life. LDLHA-IBCSYWA was the last song Twiztid played on tour; my first Twiztid concert. Good memories.

Another excerpt from my book:

They ended with "LDLHA-IBCSYWA," which is my absolute favorite song by them. This song is on Abominationz and it's always something I listen to. If I ever play the piano again, I'd play this. I sang along with it and you can definitely hear it in the video. When the song ended, the lights dimmed and we all screamed, "FAMILY! FAMILY! FAMILY!" Madrox and Monoxide came back out and did a mini comedy routine. Madrox started saying, "Monoxide, I want to give you a big hug" and Monoxide started running from him - it was a game of cat and mouse on stage. Monoxide gave a big smile, but sadly that picture didn't come out.. however, I did capture another Monoxide smile moment (I love his smile! His smile makes my heart melt). Then they thanked everyone who performed. Jamie said, "after me let's give everyone a "whoop motherfuckin' whoop whoop!" We had to do it a few times, I gave a really loud "whoop motherfuckin' whoop whoop" to Monoxide. Monoxide just said, "I'm not as creative as Jamie, so let's all give Jamie a simple "whoop whoop."

6. Rammstein- Engel

Another song that uses irony. Rammstein is the German equivalent of Acrassicauda in the way that Rammstein inspires me to write poems and stories in German (I know German as well). I've always admired Rammstein and it brings back good memories of spending time with Anna. Anna is the one who really got me into Rammstein.

7. Willie Nelson- On The Road Again

I love Willie Nelson - he's an awesome country musician! I love his attitude and I don't care style. He's a total rebel and bad ass. When I traveled to Wisconsin in 2012, I made a mix for my travels. This song was on the compilation. As I was riding on Greyhound to Green Bay from Milwaukee, this song played as we strolled along country sides and through cities. Wisconsin truly is a neat state to travel through and Willie Nelson's On The Road Again really set that mood.

8. Nirvana- All Apologies

This is my favorite Nirvana song. I love Kurt Cobain's writing style and I love the emotion in it. I think the MTV Unplugged version is the best because in his cracking voice, you can really hear what was going on inside him, especially since it was six months before he committed suicide. There was always something really powerful about that song.

9. Johnny Cash- Folsom Prison Blues

Johnny Cash is another one of my favorites. I like his style, especially his writing style. I believe Folsom Prison Blues is a very powerful song and I love the story line.

10. Pantera- I'll Cast a Shadow

This is my favorite Pantera song. I think it's a very powerful song and I love listening to it when I work out. It just makes me feel energized to conquer anything - I'll even play it when I'm writing. I did write a story based on this song five years ago - maybe I'll share it at some point after it's edited. :)

11. Christina Aguilera- Beautiful

This song is beautiful and was the anthem of my middle school years. To me, this song makes me feel that although I'm a bit different, I belong in my uniqueness. We're all unique and all have wants and dreams. It's a powerful message and really great song writing. I also like the piano composition.

12. Eminem- The Real Slim Shady

Yeah, this was the first song that got me into Eminem. I played this song 24/7 as an 11 year old back in 2000. I love The Marshall Mathers LP. This song makes me laugh, which Eminem is good at.

Extra song: System of a Down- Chop Suey!

I fell in love with this song as a 12 year old, back in 2001. I would listen to it for hours, especially after Anna burnt it onto a CD for me. I like their style, especially the writing style. It's philosophical and deep. The message is profound and can really make you think. I like that in music. And yes, even back then, as a young teenager I listened to almost everything.

In this time period I started really getting into some rap, some nu-metal (combination hip-hop/metal), but more so grunge and metal. As you can see from the list, I like a lot of different genres. I hope you did enjoy this list.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Reflections

Maybe this is a continuation of Thankful Thursday...after all, I did post my thankful entry at 7 AM (when I was sitting in Starbucks - before I went to work at the center).

Yesterday I didn't bring a lunch. Well, I brought fruit, a drink, and a cookie, but I wanted to buy a sandwich at Starbucks. I wasn't in the mood for spaghetti (again), which was left in the refrigerator. When I looked at the sandwiches at Starbucks, I saw I couldn't eat a few (lactose intolerant and hate eggs) and I didn't want the ham. I said to myself I would just order lunch to the center later.

I don't drive. I don't have a license. When 11:15 came along, I went on to Grub Hub and made some calls. No one would deliver to the center. The VP overheard the issues I was having and said, "Well, where would you like to go? I can take you to pick up lunch. I'm heading out and could bring you back."

So, we went to Andy's Place. The drive there was interesting, he's a nice senior and we had a good conversation about life. Andy's Place is a German place in Bridgeport. Nan used to bring me there all the time five years ago to speak German with the owner. Everything there is freshly made and had to wait 20 minutes. I talked some German with the owner. I bought the VP apfle strudel for thanks for bringing me to Andy's Place. He didn't take it and said that taking me to lunch was no problem. I thanked him up and down.

There are some ugh moments to my job there, but I overall like the people I work with and the seniors I see daily. They're nice and like the library, it's a nice place to work. I'm thankful. And my chicken wiener schnitzel and sauerkraut was AWESOME! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thankful Thursday 5/28/2015

I was conversing with Joy last night and I was telling her how good I've felt lately - I really how good I've been feeling. I feel thankful for it and I thanked her for listening to me for the past six months. I want to thank everyone who has listened to me over the past year about things; I am grateful you were there for me when I needed y'all the most. ::hug:: If any of you need anything, don't hesitate to contact me.

Yesterday I received a nice e-mail from Marwan:

Hi Jessica 
Thank you for your kindness and support darling, your letter found its way on my wall and it makes me happy and the guys to know that 
we are friends! And yes you can go a head and use the song Let us know how it turns out. All the best for you:)

I feel thankful that he is giving me permission to use Acrassicauda's songs in my book. The retired lawyer is on vacation this week and I will be editing the 10 stories/poems for Soundtrackers tonight after work, tomorrow, and Sunday. With Marwan's permission, I think it'll make the process easier (I'll have to tell the retired lawyer and I will be thanking Marwan/Acrassicauda in my book). I feel like this book is a lot more work compared to my others, but I think that's a good thing because I feel like I'm making this book more official.

Anyway, Marwan's note put a smile on my face when I read it at work (Senior Center) yesterday. That's just sweet of them to hang my letter up. Friendship just feels so nice and I'm thankful for their friendship too. Oh, I offered Marwan a copy (free of charge) of my book when it's done. I hope they want one because I really do want to show my gratitude to them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baladi Memories

I've been working on my upcoming book and I want to share a poem I wrote that I will be including in the book. The book will be called As Far As The Eye Can See.

Baladi Memories
Jessica Marie

It all started with my request
of speaking Arabic with you.
Then with my
صباح الخير
and you sweetly replied with
صباح الفيل/ الورد
You make me really blush--
Baladi, you explain, colourful Arabic.
صباح القشطة
you laugh at me when I say that--
morning of cream - it sounds nice.
I ask why and you coyly say no reason.
I begin with the search of baladi
to make our conversations more colourful.
I'm always the rose - your rose,
you're always my cream:
sometimes I make up my own for nighttime-
تصبح على الورد
but it doesn't make sense,
you don't care because it's "sweet."
I would love to add
You really get me
and know how to cheer me up,
and I feel a comfort in confiding in you,
through tears and laughter,
the first time I opened up to someone
and not feel judged—
but, it'd be too much - the simple is better
and it's in these memories of baladi
I really miss talking to you
and I long to be near you, hugging you
with our ridiculous made up expressions

and sweet sayings to brighten each other up.

I know, I know, this poem is sappy compared to other things I've written... but, yeah. I think this poem is pretty self explanatory.

But what is baladi? In Arabic, these are colourful terms used among lower class and rural people. Apparently high class speakers don't use these terms. However, I find these expressions to be beautiful and really add colour to the morning.

I remember asking one other friend about this. I met him in West Chester and he's originally from Egypt (and now back in Egypt); I thought he'd be the best person to ask. He laughed at me and said "morning of cream" is fine and it's not bad. I feel like I should write a book about learning Arabic! Maybe I'll settle for a static item on about my adventures in Arabic. :)

When I was looking up baladi terms I could say, I found these two sites explaining more:
Morning of Roses

Then someone on City-Data sent me a site totally in Arabic. I'm still interpreting that; I won't post that just yet.

  صباح الورد و
اتمنى لك يوم جيد

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Psychological Implications of Big Hero 6

The picture above is of Baymax (it's the plush I bought yesterday). Baymax is the main robot and one of the heroes in the Disney film, Big Hero 6. I rented it last week and although I loved the movie, it made me cry - even two hours after the film ended! I thought it was very deep for a children's movie and the message struck a chord with me, in a good way.

I've debated posting this for a week now because as an English major, psychology isn't my area of expertise. I've always been interested in psychology and as I was watching this movie, I saw a lot of psychology in Big Hero 6; especially the Kubler-Ross (Stages of Grief) model and even some of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

I posted in the grief forum of City-Data because I wondered if I was the only one who saw these things in the movie. It turns out I wasn't:

Join Date: Nov 2014
12 posts, read 3,378 times
Reputation: 33
i took my 11 yr old son to see it. he has severe autism & loves movies(he is also very ritualistic;he will only watch a movie once, movie must be seen at the cinema and only on the 2nd day of release)! I was in tears blown away too, but i noticed that the majority of the "grown-ups" did not seem to have been impacted by what i felt was such a profound message! my son was well-entertained as were the other patrons, but for me it was deeper...a case of "it takes one to know one", maybe?
Rate this post positively

For those of you who haven't seen Big Hero 6 (and don't worry, I don't believe in spoilers, so I won't give the spoilers), this is my synopsis of the movie:

Hiro, the protagonist, loses his brother (Taidachi) - his brother is killed in an explosion trying to save a professor. Before Taidachi dies he creates a robot for Hiro. Baymax, the health care robot, is given to Hiro before the he dies. After his death, Baymax is brought to life by accident. When Baymax i activated, he starts to help Hiro through his grief. Baymax downloads a grief database into his hard drive and contacts Hiro’s friends that he met through Taidachi. With the four friends, Baymax and Hiro assemble themselves as super heroes to figure out what is going on in the old lab. Hiro tries to kill the professor because his brother died and it was the professor's fault. Taidachi was killed because he thought the professor was in the building, but he was being protected by Hiro's mini bot creation. The professor has his act of revenge too because he thought his daughter was killed by a company experimenting. In the professor’s grief, he tries to kill everyone as well. Except, he doesn't have the support system like Hiro and it takes Baymax and Hiro rescuing his daughter to realize he was wrong to want to hurt people as well. It is shown that love, surrounding yourself with friends and family, and having support are monumental in the grief process. Also, how powerful anger is as well.

Why did I see the psychological implications in this movie? As someone who has experienced grief, and we all have experienced grief at some point, I saw some of myself in this movie. The stages of grief were present in this movie, though it is a bit different from a child's standpoint.

Stage 1- Denial: Although I didn't see this too much with Hiro, I saw this when Baymax was first activated. He asked where Taidachi was and when Hiro explained that he died, Baymax was confused because Taidachi was healthy and he should have lived a long time (which is also how a child reacts to death). Hiro explains to Baymax that it wasn't health reasons that killed Taidachi, but there was a terrible fire and he was gone. Though, I see Hiro denies what he is feeling - but Baymax still comforts him. I will get to that point later because that's another important point.

Stage 2 - Anger: Anger is a trait definitely found in Hiro after his brother dies. He wants to avenge his brother's death once he finds out that the professor survived. In his primitive mind - he is acting in the id where those rages and emotions take control - he wants to kill to feel better. By doing so, he puts the death card in Baymax and removes Baymax's helpful/good chip.

Stage 3 - Bargaining: I see this more at the end when Hiro wants to prevent loss. But, I promised not to give spoilers - see the movie to see this.

Stage 4 - Depression: I actually see this before the anger and bargaining in Hiro. After Tadaichi dies, Hiro isolates himself. As seen in the first video, Hiro doesn't even want Baymax to call his friends! He wants to be left alone. He doesn't even go to college anymore.

Stage 5 - Acceptance: Again, by the end of the movie, Hiro accepts what happens and finally sees that Tadachi is still with him in spirit. He tries to live the life Tadachi would want him to have.

However, I do see Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in this movie. Baymax's hugs and loving really helps Hiro overcome his grief. Of course the friends do help as well, but it's Baymax's care and support that gets the other friends involved. Hiro doesn't see that Tadachi is never really gone, but his spirit lives on in memories; it's only after he realizes that his anger and revenge could have killed someone that Baymax shows him how important those memories can be. It's also the first time Hiro reaches out to be hugged and cries into Baymax. This is a catharsis moment and very, VERY, VERY important in the healing process. We all need that support and we all need to feel that love from someone you trust, especially through difficult times. I think hugs are very important to those healing and Big Hero 6 illustrates how important hugs and contact with others are so very important. That connection is necessary - without it, one will feel depressed and angry all the time.

I would recommend this movie. Big Hero 6 may be a Disney children's film, but I think it is very important for adults to see. Although I bawled like a baby for two hours after watching this film, I'd watch it again. I loved Baymax. I think in the grieving process, we should all surround ourselves with people like Baymax - warming, loving, and supportive.

The importance of a hug.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (5/18/2015-5/23/2015)

Hi readers and happy Saturday!

I know I have said I would stop long Secret Life entries, but this week I am making an exception. I had a busy week and some events didn't require their own entries (well, one does... but I will write about that at a later time) and want to write about the events on this entry. I also took a lot of pictures of these events that I want to share with you all!

I've been loving these two songs lately. Gilgamesh is just a great album and I've been rocking out to it every day.

I love the Arabic lyrics. I hope some day my Arabic speaking will sound that good. When I speak, I sound childish; I guess because I'm still learning. Haha. I sound funny and that's why I like writing in Arabic.

"The Quest For Eternity." I just love this song, end of story.

I enjoy Acrassicauda and I hope you all check out their music. Very nice guys and very talented. Enjoy and to my American readers; HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! ROCK ON!


I noticed the guy that pierced my forward helix posted the picture he took of my ear.

Ironically, he posted it a day after the jewelry was changed because a hoop works better. Here's what I took last Saturday:

Healing has been better too. I prefer hoops with those type of piercings. The one on my opposite ear that Infinite did is a hoop.

Tuesday, May 19

The day of the Wellness Expo - the first for the UMSSC. It was a lot of work and I was on my feet for 10 hours, but it was a success. I was the event photographer and took pictures of the exhibitors. When the Phillies Ball Girls and the retired Atlanta Braves/ Philadelphia Phillies pitcher came, I took pictures of people with them as well. I know I'm not a fan, but I took a picture with them too. They were nice.
I love this one that I took of the Zumba instructors.

The UMSSC band providing entertainment.

Ms. Pennsylvania Senior American! She was a beautiful lady inside and out. I loved her scrapbooks and we had conversations about our scrapbooking hobbies. I'm glad she posed for a picture with me.

Ms. Pennsylvania Senior and the ball girls.

Ms. Pennsylvania Senior and Tommy Greene.

The VP and the ball girls.

Me and Tommy Greene.

Me and the ball girls.

The one woman I took a picture of with the girls, I sent her the pictures via e-mail. She loved my photography and asked if I was a professional doing this as a living. I said, "No, but the goal one day is. I do photograph events for the Senior Center, though, and I am opening up a shop. I have a few more things to add to it. If you're interested, you can check it out: Jessica's Photography & Craft Shop." She replied back that she will check it out and she can't wait for me to mail her some pictures as well. I'll be adding more to the shop and the grand opening will be Monday. Please check out my shop!

I'm just glad the Expo was a success and everyone had a great time. We had over 300 visitors and over 45 exhibitors.

Thursday, May 21

MEGA BAD MOVIE NIGHT! The evening was awesome - after running to the post office for the UMSSC, then walking around South Street, and then FYE for a bit, I arrived at 5:30. I checked in, then I saw a sand gecko from Saudi Arabia.

I had a light snack and lemonade. The snacks were good, but I knew after Mega Bad Movie Night, I'd go to a restaurant near by. After I ate, I walked around and looked at some more animals like the falcon. I posed as a fly trapped in fly paper, then as Jeff Goldblum's fly.
Eating, viewing maggots, and having a good time.

Love the signs.

Others playing "Would You Rather..." game.

I then played the "Would You Rather..." dice game. Two die and whichever statements the die land on, you have to choose one you would rather do. You then write your choice on the sticker. The one I chose was disgusting and totally not me, but we all need a laugh some time:
This was my option on dice #1.

What was on dice #2 and I chose. Like I said, out of the ordinary for me. Haha.

I then tried the relay race with fly goggles. Oh man, I don't know how flies can move; I couldn't see straight with those goggles and it seems like a miracle that I finished the course. I didn't "lay eggs" though, so I guess there's that.

I then went to the Animal Grossology exhibit. It was awesome and I definitely want to go back! Very creative and a lot of fun.

Before the movie started, I went near the Butterflies! and had my DNA collected in a vial for me to keep. That was neat, though the salt water I had to swish around in my mouth tasted horrible. Ick. I still have it and will keep it.

When the movie started with the Tribbles, an all female cast, it was great. Their comments were awesome! This was my first time seeing the 1986 version of The Fly; I've always watched the Vincent Price one. It's different and both have a lot of far fetched science involved, but the Tribbles' comments really made the movie. It was definitely a good night out and I can't wait for the next one.

I ended up at Con Murphy's afterwards and had bangers and mash. The chef made the bangers especially for me and they were awesome! Thanks chef at Con Murphy's!

Friday, May 22

Center was closed; worked 9 am - 2 pm at the library. After work at the library, I went to garden for one of the members of the senior center. I told her on Tuesday I wouldn't mind.

Before. This was garden #1 (I did two and a half gardens).


I shouldn't have worn shorts - the aftermath. My legs were all scratched.

She asked how much she owed me. I was there for 2 hours and said, "$10. $5/hour." She then said, "Oh, you're expensive." On Tuesday I said I could do it free of charge, but she said that was nonsense. I don't think $5/hour is expensive. Do you? Who knows if she'll use me again... but I did a lot of weeding for her.

Saturday, May 22

I bought my own Baymax plushie! Baymax is the best robot. Big Hero 6 was awesome.

Went on a shopping spree today. Bought work clothes and new summer clothes. This is the fun outfit I bought. I am happy with my progress. I've come a long way in 5 years. GO ME!

Welcome home, Baymax! I like these two of me, but especially of me hugging him. I look peaceful here. There's just something peaceful and innocent about this picture. What do you think?

Happy Caturday!

I hope everyone has a great holiday and has a great week ahead! Thanks for reading! ~Jessica