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Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (4/20/2015-4/25/2015)

I'm publishing this a day early because tomorrow mom and I are going to the Academy of Natural Sciences for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society's (SEPOS) orchid show. I went two years ago and loved it. I'm really excited for tomorrow.

Here's a picture I took two years ago (I will be bringing my camera tomorrow, of course):

Anyway, this week has been a busy week, but very exciting. I hope you enjoy this week's blog party and can't wait to see what next week brings! ~Jessica

Monday, April 20

It was a very rainy day. Mimi was lucky - she could cuddle in bed all day. The life of a cat!

Tuesday, April 21

I began reading the book for the library's book discussion on May 17. I like it so far. :)

I know, I look serious here. It was hard taking a reading selfie.

Wednesday, April 22

The beautiful flowers I received from my boss for Professional Assistant's Day.

Me standing in front of my scrapbook display at the library. I had one of my co-workers take it for me before we left for the evening. I can't believe it's only up for one more week!

Thursday, April 23

I love the card I received from Norb today! It totally put a smile on my face. When Norb sent me a CD at Christmas, it put the same smile on my face. I love receiving mail from him. :)

Friday, April 24

I folded, sealed, and labeled 500 newsletters for the Senior Center in 6 hours.

Saturday, April 25

This was my favorite show as a child. I was so happy to see the library had The Angry Beavers. This is what I'm watching now and I love it. I was worried that watching it now as a 25 year old would be different than watching it as an 8-11 year old. Nope, still hilarious. I love older cartoons.


  1. My grandmother loved the orchid show!!

    My cats do that all day every day. Sunshine's in my room and Matilde's in my parents' now. (I pet them both since I was there spying on them.)

    How far are you through The Golem and the Jinni?
    I've never tried taking a reading selfie before...

    You're proud of your scrapbook display, ne ^_^

    I once went to the Postal Museum in DC where they had a simulator where you had to stamp and send letters properly. It was surprisingly difficult to get 100%!

    I watched Angry Beavers when younger, but don't remember it quite as fondly. Yes, that is the theme. Just a suum cuique sort of thing, to each her own.

    u_u My friend told me to only talk with him once a week unless it's important. Well, that's okay, I think this is important.

    1. Not very far. Between work at the library and my temp job (which I received word that the woman I'm temping for, her mom died... so it won't last me much longer... BUT that's okay as I'm looking for full time work), I'm exhausted at night and don't do a lot of reading. It's also NaPoWriMo, so I've been doing a lot of writing after I'm done both jobs.

      Yes, I love my display. I have to take it down on Thursday. :(

    2. Whenever you get a chance! I just left a message on the lawyer's voicemail including the inquiries you approved on my LJ, after the secretary forwarded me to the wrong inbox the first time. Exciting life. My questionable full-time employment may put a damper on my buddy's immigration process, but at least I am hoping to get him a time estimate. Is Golem and Jinni a library book? That is why I finish my books at all (such as today I finished the third in the Freakonomics series - off to get the second next Saturday).

      You have a few more days to enjoy it ^_^ Savor it!

    3. Yep, it's a library book. After I write some poetry tonight, I'll read a bit. I've been exhausted lately.

  2. You look nice in the Sangria pic.

    1. Thank you! Surprisingly, it made me feel a bit buzzed.

  3. I like your look of concentration in the reading selfie.

    Is that glass of sangria really that large or is it just the perspective?

    1. Thanks, I tend to look angry when I concentrate.:p

      No, the Sangria was really that huge!