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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party 4/6/2015-4/18/2015

Hi everyone,

I'm going to be combining two weeks for this week's Secret Life. I'm sorry I missed last week - on Sunday I went to the Academy of Natural Sciences's Of Dire Wolves and Dragons: Game of Thrones Day, then had a busy week. Between life and NaPoWriMo, April has been busy... I enjoy being busy though. And it's even better now because my iPod finally updates again and I've updated 150 new songs so far. Lately I've been listening to:

Anyway, enjoy the double edition of Secret Life!


Tuesday, April 7

A really cool artist I follow on Instagram and Twitter was selling these bandannas. 
I thought it looked cool and would be good for the next Twiztid concert.

Here is Wesley modeling the bandanna. 
Sketchy does amazing work, especially artwork!

Wednesday, April 8

Thursday, April 9

Went shopping and bought two new dresses. One for work, and one for fun.

Friday, April 10

Sunday, April 12

Prompt (NaPoWriMo Day #12): And now for our prompt! Yesterday’s was a doozy, so today’s is much more laid-back (and optional, as always). It comes to us from Dr. Cynthia A. Cochran of Illinois College:
Here is a great prompt for anyone who likes to write descriptive prose but shudders at writing poetry–and it really works:
Describe in great detail your favorite room, place, meal, day, or person. You can do this in paragraph form.
Now cut unnecessary words like articles and determiners (a, the, that) and anything that isn’t really necessary for content; leave mainly nouns, verbs, a few adjectives.
Cut the lines where you see fit and, VOILA! A poem!

The Academy of Natural Sciences is located on the Ben Franklin Parkway and it faces an ornate fountain that comes to life in the Spring and Summer. This is the perfect place for those who are curious and love to learn. When you step inside of the Academy of Natural Sciences, you are greeted by two friendly staff members sitting at the desk and then to the right of the desk, a huge bronze T-rex greets visitors with a toothy welcome. You can get lost for hours just looking at the dinosaur displays. However, the butterfly room is amazing. Always steamy and tropical - it's best on cold, winter days. If you wear the right colours, a butterfly or two will land on you. Whenever I wear my Clay Matthews t-shirt, I always have butterfly visitors. Scattered throughout the Academy are live animals that the volunteers show off. Chinchillas, owls, snakes, and hedgehogs. You can also see their dioramas and learn about the animals the Academy can't house.

Located on the Ben Franklin Parkway,
The Academy of Natural Sciences feeds the soul
for curious misfits and scholarly types.
Step inside and bony bronze dinosaurs
greet visitors with  toothy welcomes. 
Fly away and visit tropical paradises 
with butterflies and croaking bullfrogs
in steamy, tropical butterfly house - 
best on cold, winter days; 
Butterflies always visit those most colourful! 
Scattered throughout, other live animals creep--
Chinchillas, owls, snakes, and hedgehogs;
definitely a welcoming paradise for everyone!

Pink blossoms poke through
reaching in the crystal sky
welcome warm April!

Wednesday, April 15

I went to a fashion show that Talbots' was holding. 
I think I might order this outfit next month.

I ended up buying this because I loved it - I love black and floral. 
Talbot's gave me a grab bag - scarf, makeup, Starbucks cup and perfume.

Yeah, I love this dress.

Thursday, April 16

Had a nice day visiting at the Senior Center.

Didn't take any pictures - but here is one from 2011 (with Nan; in brown) at their yearly tea party.

Friday, April 17

Hot Topic gave me $30 to spend. I bought a bikini. I'm happy with it.

It was also a beautiful day.

Saturday, April 18

Still adding to my iTunes library. Yeah, I listen to everything.


I posted some new clothes. I'm mostly getting dress clothes, but I'm also getting a few "weekend clothes." I'm waiting for my package from Acrassicauda, an Iraqi heavy metal band I follow. I pre-ordered their new CD (they're signing it!) and a t-shirt:

Don't worry... the package is coming from New York. They're American citizens and I used to talk to some of the members. I still sort of keep in touch with the drummer. They're really nice. I'm looking forward to the CD and my shirt. :)


  1. 大丈夫! It is fine!

    I just returned from my mother's piano student's performance as Maria in The Sound of Music at Fugett. I promptly sent poor Oğuz My Favorite Things in affection but he essentially couldn't say anything in response since it's like 3 in the morning in Cyprus. But I couldn't say anything to him at any earlier time since I had been out kayaking then to the library then considering economics myself @_@ but I've gotten my x pages per diem goals fixed so I can read copiously and enjoy life that way! ^_^

    Let's see, what else were you talking about here? *listens to Enta Omri* I'm trying to see if I can tell between Arabic and Turkish music... Probably I'm comparing apples to oranges, and the latter is closer to Greek culture anyway.

    The second intro sounds French! Then I recently learned how to type ş, ğ, ı, â, and so forth, like the second Youtube video has :D (Learning to do so is extremely useful to attract hot Turkish economists. *coughcough* This is why I've gotten good at such things, see.)

    Goodness, I suddenly felt nauseated. @_@ I'd better Publish this then get to sleep, though I should come back another time to comment again...

    1. "My Favorite Things"is a really good song! Now I want to watch The Sound of Music...

      Arabic and Turkish music sometimes has similar beats and they're lyrical content can be similar. Some of the Turkish sounds similar to Arabic... at least to my ear since I don't really know Turkish. I just enjoy the songs. My iPod is really interesting. Maybe I'll post my playlist sometime on Wesley's Facebook. :D

      Feel better and rest! :)

    2. It's easier for me to like The Sound of Music than react as if I were allergic to it.

      Their? :P I'm less familiar with Arabic, besides enumeration. I'm lazy with charging another device so reverted a while ago to exclusively Youtube or locally-performed music.

      My mother adores Talbot's. It is one of the few clothing retailers that has clothing available in my size. Your dresses look nice, particularly the flowery one!

      I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini unless I were persuaded through a cost-benefit analysis that it would be better for me to spend any time at all in one. First and foremost: I burn if you look at me funny. I'm still amazed I made it through China at all. Probably when I hit Cyprus I'll re-enact a similar evening sunscreen regime, even if I don't expose any skin at all. Or perhaps wear the veil, specifically for sun protection. However, culturally that's probably a very bad idea.

      (Listening to Bach BWV 1068 ♥ I do not listen to everything.) It's exciting that Acrassicauda is mailing you the signed CD! Did you think it might be bad you keep in touch with the drummer?

    3. Oops! I didn't really sleep last night - between talking Arabic with someone and thinking, sleeping didn't really come until 1:45 AM and I woke up at 6 AM. Ah, well.

      Thank you! I'm actually surprise I fit into Talbot's clothes,but I am happy, nonetheless. I'm looking forward to more sales between Talbot's and the other work places I shop for clothes in.

      I burn badly too; I usually have to smother myself in sunscreen and then I wear a shirt over me. I haven't worn a bikini since I was 12... but I will be covered and I only swim in my uncle's pool... no one will see me. Hmmm... a veil might not be a bad idea; but do some research! I still have mine.

      I have a HUGE crush on the drummer. It makes me nervous to keep in touch because I don't want to become a pest. But, he did request me on Instagram and we were BFFs on Facebook... so maybe I'm freaking out about nothing. They do live in NYC, which isn't far at all!

    4. I hate when that happens x_x although that's five hours and fifteen minutes of sleep, a little more than my minimum during undergraduate! (Usually 11-4 which came in so handy in China)

      Surprised. That is good. Have fun shopping ^^ perhaps when I'm feeling better I'll wander KoP-ways and shop with you, but right now I'm feeling dreadful x_x

      What sort of veil research would that be like? I have a big dark piece of cloth I've been wrapping around my head and calling a headscarf for the lulz, but I seriously don't want to offend anyone and that is probably very dangerous.

      Is this drummer a nice guy? The jitters are probably natural.
      I am similarly trying not to be a pest to my Turkish friend by particularly pointing out the whole point of his studies is to maximize his lazing capability. XD Specifically I said "Don't worry about being lazy, that's just why you study how to get maximum profit with minimum expenditure." <- I was careful to repeat exactly the words he said to me. Now I'm thinking though, uh oh. Is it a good idea to actually pursue such a person? But then again, I'll just make it clear that he has to not fail to do anything. (And he has not so far, so all is good!)

      Can you nap today; on Sunday? (Greek semicolon is a question mark, I just remembered)

    5. The head scarf I was given is the equivalent of those dress scarves you can buy in Penney's or Macy's or anywhere. They're nice like that. I would Google the question or at least find books about the customs. You probably wouldn't offend anyone; depending on where you go, you might have to wear one.

      Yeah, I remember him being very nice. Not too talkative, but nice when we did talk. Given they were trying to build a life here, and they have succeeded so far... they're busy working. I understand that. I was debating adding him on Wesley's profile; but, I'm not sure if he'd add a bear. :D

      I didn't end up shopping today. I want to wait and I will probably order some things online. Didn't nap either - since it's 3:30 PM, I am just going to go to bed earlier tonight (much earlier).

      I'm sure you'll be fine! It sounds like he does like you.

    6. My sister gave me mine, I have no idea where she gets any of her scarves (thrift shops most likely).

      For some reason, guys are just not all that talkative. I have no idea why.
      If he knew that Wesley is you then he would have no problem with adding him.

      I did, my father wanted to go to the grocery store even though I know that Sundays are crazy from past retail slavery.

      You think? :3 I'm paranoid... hmm... *rereads* Oh. You're right. I can agree here. I do keep him up absurd hours though. u///u *reminds self: past 4pm on school nights: NO due to +6 hour shift in time zones*

    7. True, I've e-mailed the band from Wesley's account. Maybe I'll send him something on Instagram saying I'll be adding from Wesley's account. Hopefully he has no issue with it.

      I think guys just prefer to be silent... unless it's talking to other guys. Guy gab is just as gossipy as girl gab. :D Who knows?

    8. He won't have an issue with Wesley if you tell him it's you.

      That sounds right. For their image xD

      Today Oğuz Eray requested I inquire from an immigration lawyer about his pending immigration, so I did!
      That freaked me out so badly though: I tried to immediately take my anti-spasmodic medication in hope of stopping shaking like a leaf, as the primary reason I would at all be involved is if he's intending on marriage.
      And this is a hot economist. Seriously now. He sends me images privately. And none of them seem sleep-deprived even if I think all of them are!

      How has life evolved? Oh well, I am off to take a shower or whatever it is I do these days like read one of those intense books.

      Since, after all, I have not stopped shaking. (Hmm, maybe I'll challenge him to a chess match to test his strategic thinking in comparison to mine...) x_x

      Jessica, I don't know what's happened to me! I'm more than this, aren't I? T_T

      I'm a little concerned since it seems he doesn't know what to make of me, and I am a pretty complicated person with very specific likes and dislikes, which keep changing! But then again, I am rather paranoid.

    9. No, that would freak me out too.I don't like moving fast with people.

      :hug: We're just growing. You're still the same you!

    10. I calmed down and feel better now.
      In this particular situation I have far more power, so I don't need to panic as badly. The poor guy has midterms this week so he's been essentially silent, or on the snappier side.
      (Meanwhile, I have been shrinking my anti-seizure medication since I am almost certain it hurts more than helps now, though I haven't officially given it a double-blind trial, like a proper neuroscientist.)
      I am trying not to let this excitement interfere with my activities in a way that would not benefit any party.
      I'm a little concerned Oğuz Eray's not going to afford me as much benefit as I might deserve for overcoming my apprehensions to call up these scary people and address the issue diplomatically.
      However, it turns out that my own body makes me feel more relief after done with my daily dose of international relations. XD;;; I don't want to say that's sufficient, though, since then I'm afraid he'd just ignore me. Oh. That sounds like any girl talking about a guy, doesn't it...
      Oh well. I'm not going to let this take over my mind. There's so much else going on in the world, like the Sunday NYT should be in the driveway soon!

      You act the same way, yourself! ^_^ Thank you, Jessica. We are still good friends.

    11. Yes, I felt that way the other day. I'll Facebook you later.

  2. I liked the butterflies the best. :)

    1. Yes, they are always my favorite! One time the ANS had glass winged butterflies.I have a picture somewhere - those butterflies were pretty and neat.

  3. Are those outside shots of Mimi on the 8th taken in your back yard? Looks pretty. :)

    1. Yep! Those were taken outside in my backyard!