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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thankful Thursday 4/16/2015

Lately I've been reading a lot of Rumi's poetry. Rumi was a Sufi poet from the 13th century and his work was very beautiful. I liked the mysticism and romance he evoked. Last week I wrote in Rumi's style for Thankful Thursday and today I will be writing another poem in Rubaiyat format, which Rumi also wrote in. A Rubaiyat is:
The Rubáiyát is a Persian form of several quatrains. Its name derives from the Arabic plural of the word for "quatrain,"Rubá'íyah. This, in turn, comes from the Arabic Rubá, meaning "four." Poetry Form: Rubaiyat

Thankful Thursday 4/16/2015

Awaken from your restful slumber for day is here;
let the sunlight fill you and let it wipe your tears,
for the stars before you in the Field of Night
only guided your dreams, they never disappeared.

Your dreams only grew stronger as you held tight,
now a new day has begun, a new slate only white
and unmarked - carpe diem! It's your day to seize:
think positively and let God's loving light

carry and uplift you like the crystal clear seas.
For today's beauty isn't an uplifting tease;
give thanks for the opportunity and hug her dear!
May the rest of the days and God hand you the keys!

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