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Monday, April 27, 2015

Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society's (SEPOS) Orchid Show at the Academy of Natural Sciences/ Philadelphia / NaPoWriMo Day 27

Yesterday mom and I went to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society's (SEPOS) orchid show that was being held by the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Mom and I arrived at 11:30, had lunch in the cafeteria, and then walked around the Academy to look at all the beautiful orchids. Well, I looked and snapped pictures (to the tune of 260 of them). I just loved learning about the orchids and they were breathtaking. Some orchids gave off a really lovely scent.

I was talking to a SEPOS member about orchids for a good twenty minutes. She loved the photos I was taking and said I should make a photography project with these pictures. I told her I was participating in NaPoWriMo and will be including pictures in the book I'll be self-publishing.

Mom and I met up again, then went to see the butterflies. The butterflies were very active and the glass-winged butterfly was out again! I love that butterfly!

Overlooking the Ben Franklin Parkway. So peaceful.

We left the Academy at 1 PM and walked around Center City. I took this picture and tweeted it to +Visit Philly ; it would be nice if they could use it as a postcard. :)

Mom sat in Love Park and I went to FYE. I love that store. I bought these two CDs. I can't wait to listen to them (the picture is of the CDs with the shirt I bought at the Orchid Show).

Prompt for NaPoWriMo Day #27:

And today’s prompt – optional, as always — comes to us from Vince Gotera. It’s the hay(na)ku). Created by the poet Eileen Tabios and named by Vince, the hay(na)ku is a variant on the haiku. A hay(na)ku consists of a three-line stanza, where the first line has one word, the second line has two words, and the third line has three words. You can write just one, or chain several together into a longer poem. For example, you could write a hay(na)ku sonnet, like the one that Vince himself wrote back during NaPoWriMo 2012!
Happy writing!

CD Browsing On the Avenue of the Arts

through the
revolving doors, watch

quickly enter
pass the threshold.

the stairs
better run, maybe!

through aisles
world, country, rock-

classic folk
with the dulconette;

newly used,
on sale - $2.99!

checking out
with new music!

spin out
the door revolves.


  1. Pretty flowers. That banana looks like it could go in banana bread.

    1. Maybe next time, I'll bring the butterflies some banana bread.