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Friday, April 17, 2015

Rainbow Bridge - NaPoWriMo Day 17

Today is the 3rd anniversary since Olivia died. For new readers of my blog, Olivia was my tuxedo cat that we adopted when she was 14. She was 18 when she died.

The poem today is simple - it's an ABCD... rhyme scheme. I'm keeping it simple.

Rainbow Bridge

It's amazing what changes in three years--
when you departed this Earth and left us in tears,
Nan was still with us too.
I remember the night that left us blue,
April 17, 2012, will never be forgotten,
the night rainy, the humidity thick and rotten:
Oh, my Olivia, my beautiful tuxedo girl!
You began to pace the basement and twirl--
I yelled at you for peeing on the basement floor,
but then you ran quite fast and into the door,
and then you passed out
and became unconscious, we shout
to the emergency vets and dad carries
you to his 2000 Honda Civic, breathing varies,
dad cried and said goodbye and last breath.
Speeding along 202; 9:30 PM, West--
the vets tried to revive you,
but at 9:45 you were declared dead, limp, no hue.
We all cry in the exam room
and I call Nan- the bad news zoom.
It's amazing that in three years;
both your death and Nan's death leaves tears.


  1. Olivia is an interesting name for a cat. I'm sure you miss her.

    1. We adopted Olivia and Mimi together at the Kitty Cottage, a no-kill cat shelter, in 2008. Olivia was surrendered to the Kitty Cottage after her owner died. Her original owner was a cat hoarder and had 40 cats. Olivia's original name was Oreo Olivia, but since the Kitty Cottage's cats mostly have human names - they dropped "Oreo" and named her just "Olivia." Olivia was about 9-10 years older than Mimi.

      Mimi misses Olivia still some days, but now Miss Mimi is the matriarch of the house. Mimi does better as a single cat. I remember after Olivia died, Mimi was looking for her for a few days - Mimi was depressed too. We all miss her a lot. :(

  2. It's been over six years since my cats died; I still think about them and will continue to do so.