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Sunday, April 19, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day #19 | Life's Journey | النحل (The Bee)

And for today’s prompt (optional, as always!), I’d like to challenge you to write a landay. Landays are 22-syllable couplets, generally rhyming. The form comes from Afghanistan, where women often use it in verses that range from the sly and humorous to the deeply sardonic and melancholy. Check out this long investigative article on landays for a fascinating look into a form of poetry often composed in secret, and rarely written down. You could try to write a single landay – a hard-hitting couplet that shares some secret (or unspoken) truth, or you could try to write a poem that strings multiple landays together like stanzas (maybe something akin to a syllabic ghazal?)
Happy Writing!

Life's Journey

Life's not a journey to be absolved;
but to experience and not be solved.

Follow your own desires and heart,
making mistakes along the way is how it starts--

but these lessons are here to guide:
one door closes, another opens; until we die.


The next landay is in Arabic. Although the languages in Afghanistan are Pashto and Dari, I figured I don't know those two languages and it would be fun to write a short landay in Arabic. Arab speakers who read my blog, please let me know if it sounds okay. :)

I love honey bees and I think they are very important creatures. They help sustain life on Earth and honey is very good for people. I know when I was growing up, whenever I was sick I was always given honey. Honey always helped make me feel better; this is what my Arabic poem refers to.


انت حياتي - أنا لست مريضة! ت

(The bee is my friend, what?
You are my life - I'm never sick!)

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  1. Honeybees are awesome! A shame they're in decline more than a shame, actually. :/