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Monday, April 13, 2015

Kabobeesh | South Street, Philadelphia

Yesterday after the Academy of Natural Sciences (I'll update about that tomorrow or Wednesday), I went to Kabobeesh on South Street (4th South Street to be exact). I was in a rabbit mood and remembered when Casablanca sold rabbit dishes. I was hoping that Kabobeesh or Alyan (the other Middle Eastern restaurant near Kabobeesh) sold rabbit, but neither did. However, Kabobeesh's baba gonouj and chicken gyro were AMAZING. Even their baklava. It's a family owned restaurant and they were all really friendly. I enjoyed talking to them.

I'm going to turn my experiences into a poem. I really liked conversing with the young man who waited on me, his father and mother. They spoke a broken English, but I could still understand them a bit. I also loved the Turkish music they had playing in the background. Sebnem Farah was her name - she was a hard rock Turkish performer. I bought a few of her songs today. Just amazing.

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