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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Travel Writing with a Type Writer

As I posted on my Secret Life, a few weeks ago I learned the library has a public typewriter. Today after work I decided to type some more travel pieces. I caught a cold; needless to say, I wasn't very successful today writing. As I was trying to write about the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, an immigrant I'd say is from Slovakia (she had an Eastern European accent) was asking me about the type writer and watching me type in amazement. Before I started typing, I warned her that the typing can be a little loud since she was working on the computer. She okayed it, then when I started she took interest.

I ended up throwing the Memphis piece out. I started typing about arriving in Detroit for the first time, then Motown Coney Island. Needless to say, I didn't get far with that either (I hate being sick and I hate when I'm stuffy). This is what I wrote so far and I will go back when I feel better:

I separated from the woman I just met at the Toledo bus station and talked to for a little bit on the way to Detroit. After she introduced me to her family after we stepped off of the bus, I asked them where this one cafe was that someone told me about on City-Data. Her daughter pointed to a big brick building, but the bright Michigan sun shone in my eyes. I thanked her and walked along West Baltimore Avenue. The May sun was warm - though the sun felt good after sitting on Amtrak for 17 hours. I decided as the sweat dripped from my forehead that whatever eatery I came upon first, I'd eat there. I felt lost in a strange land, although Detroit wasn't as bad as I imagined it. There were still buildings intact in the Downtown area and the Midtown area. I just felt dizzy as I explored without many street signs. 10 minutes into my walk and still unsure where I was, I saw a sign for Motown Coney Island. I decided to have breakfast in there instead of exploring some more for this other cafe; I was starving since I hadn't eaten since before the Amtrak train arrived in Pittsburgh (around 7:30 pm). It was almost 10 am and I needed food before I could venture this new land some more. Motown Coney Island was an older building, but it had a nice familiar feel to it. It was like other cafes I've visited before elsewhere. Although the gentleman I sat next to kept falling asleep. The waitress wasn't too friendly, but she was attentive.

Good God! I seem to ramble when I'm not feeling well. I'll be playing around with this in the future...


  1. I used to have a Brother typewriter in college. I wonder if you can still get the supplies for a typewriter.

    1. 10 years ago when my great Aunt gave me her Corona typewriter, it wasn't electric. The ribbon broke and the ribbon I could find back then was very expensive. The library has an electronic typewriter and I'm sure they're easier to find than a manual one.

      10 years ago when I looked at typewriters, they were more expensive than a laptop! I should look now out of curiosity. :)

  2. At least you were able to teach someone about a typewriter. :) Hope that cold didn't last long.

    1. Nah, only a week! Feeling better now.