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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday 3/26/2015

As I posted yesterday about the Germanwings crash, it was released this morning that to co-pilot crashed the plane intentionally. Of course they're still looking into his background to see if he was related to terrorists; I doubt it as terror cells instantaneously take credit for their acts and it didn't happen in this case - unless he's involved with some French terror cell, I think he was just someone who was suicidal because most of the time when someone is successful in suicide, they say everything is fine and they appear happy - they're not agitated or depressed on the outside (like many people assume).

Looking at some of the people killed on the flight, they were very successful people and very well liked. At that moment of hearing the news, I had wishes. They say before your time on Earth is over, there are signs pointing to it; that you know it's your time. I don't know why I was given another chance. Then I got angry with the pilot because how dare someone who is suicidal be so inconsiderate that he murders others. He should have just left others alone - there is no reason to harm other people when you're feeling terribly.


And it reminded me that although there are bad days, no one's life is so unimportant that we should wish or resort to hurting ourselves and others. We all go through hard times and we shouldn't fall apart because of them... though I know some days that's easier said than done. After I read that, I remembered little things I have done over the years that were important to people. Like getting lost in Switzerland and using my language skills to ask locals for directions - I was the one who wasn't afraid to go up to strangers and ask in German for directions. Although the end result was getting directions in English, I helped find the way back to our hotel in Switzerland. I've done nice things and helpful things for people I have worked with over the years as well. I'm sure there are other instances, but I can't think of them right now. Although there are days where I feel hated and I hate life, there are still people who like me.

I think we were all given a purpose in this life and we should be thankful for the purpose we are given. Times may get hard, but that's life, and in the end: when we fall and how we handle that fall only make us stronger.

However, I'm also thankful for this brief moment of sun we're experiencing now. It rained earlier while I was at work and it's supposed to be rainy and cold tomorrow, but the sun is nice now. The crocuses are loving it and I enjoyed my walk - I'm also feeling better. :)


  1. Exactly. If you are on a suicidal mission, leave others out of it.

    1. I just feel bad for the families of those effected. Sad and senseless. :(

  2. Love the positivity in this post, especially that last paragraph. :)