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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday 3/19/2015

Today was a beautiful day - I had today off and decided to go to the Academy of Natural Sciences since I am a member. Tomorrow Pennsylvania is supposed to get snow; 3-5 inches is expected where I live. I thought I'd go to the Academy of Natural Sciences to see the Titanoba exhibit and the butterflies. I also thought I'd write while there (needless to say, the Academy was crowded with a lot of children from schools on field trips).

The Titanoba exhibit was AWESOME! I loved seeing the snakes and learning about the different kinds. I also really liked the nature show and the butterfly exhibit. The butterfly exhibit was perfect for this nice, though chilly, almost spring day. A lot of butterflies were out and it was amazing to see all the colours. Nice and cheery.

After the Academy, I went to Sto's Bar, which I'll review tomorrow. After Sto's, I wanted to check out the Dream Garden at the Curtis Center. Although when I arrived there, I was told that the Dream Garden was being renovated and wouldn't open until Memorial Day weekend. Although it was a ride on the el and a 6 minute walk, I still enjoyed walking around on this beautiful day and seeing all the historical sites. I had a film camera and took pictures of the historical pictures - I hope when I get them developed, the disposable camera develops. I wanted to capture this beauty on film.

Today was a good day; as was the past few weeks, and I'm thankful for them. I just love when the weather is nice and I can get outside for a walk. Although the first day of Spring is supposed to be snowy, I treat today as my celebration for the upcoming Spring.

I'm such a shorty - my arm span is the length of the shortest snake.


  1. When we lived in Illinois, there was a snake exhibit at the mall. Big Snakes. People would hold them...not me.

    There are two butterfly houses nearby.

    1. Hmmm... as long as the snakes aren't venomous, I wouldn't mind. Venomous snakes are a different story! I like small snakes, like Garter snakes, better though.

      Ah, nice! I love butterflies. Now moths, that's a different story... I'm afraid of moths. I'm not sure why.

  2. At first glance I mistook the snake in your second picture for a sausage. Oops.