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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party 3/16/2015-3/22/2015

Monday, March 16

Tuesday, March 17

Thursday, March 19

Friday, March 20

The library has a public typewriter! After work, I typed a travel piece.

Snow on the first day of Spring - and last fire for the season.

Also, Happy International Day of Happiness! I made a video through Pharrell's foundation of me dancing for International Day of Happiness: here.

Saturday, March 21

Mom said of this picture: "the veggies are on the loose!"


  1. Okay...what was the story behind the vegetable people? :)

    1. They are just trying to sell veggies at the grocery store. They thought kids would find them funny and get their parents to buy more veggies.