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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party 3/2/2015- 3/8/2015

I'm back after my two week hiatus. Hope you didn't miss me too much. I think every season I'm going to take a two week hiatus from this - next one will be June 21 for the June Solstice and last until my birthday. :)

Tuesday, March 3

Check out our "Fore" Reading on Saturday, March 28! It's $5/per person; $10/family; $15/group of 4-6 people. For more information or to register, please call the Upper Merion Township Library: 610-265-4805!

Mom went on a business trip to Orlando, FL on Tuesday and Wednesday. The yard gets a Crane visitor every day! Mom sent dad and me this picture.

Wednesday, March 4

I love my dad. Dad: "Let's go to All American Hot Dogs for lunch so you can get your Faygo!"
The cashier also remembered me and called me doll. Haha. Maybe a poem?

I made a mixed drink with Faygo, Vanilla vodka, Jack and Faygo.

The dinner I made.

Thursday, March 5

Snow Day! 10 inches of snow.

Friday, March 6

My view on the walk to the library. I slipped on the way there and hurt my coccyx area. Feeling better today, but still relaxing.

Mimi was groomed and she's enjoying the fire dad lit.

Saturday, March 7

I just love Trader Joe's and the way the Trader Joe's in this area is decorated.

Sunday, March 8

I'll be working on more of my scrapbook today. One of many. Need to get started for my library display in May. I haven't worked on this Green Bay scrapbook since January 2014.

Oh, this is from Friday, February 27... but I want to share it anyway. I reinstalled Snapchat for a bit and chatted with Caskey a bit. This was the only time he answered me though... I felt special. :D I accidentally sent him a fireplace (the picture of the fire lit only) picture on Thursday. Oops! It could have been a lot worse... but needless to say, I deleted Snapchat again.


  1. Sorry you hurt yourself, but the view was pretty.

  2. Vanilla vodka, Jack and Faygo...hmm, that does sound good. :)

    1. If there was a way I could send Faygo, I would do so in a heart beat. :) I have to get more.