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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In Response to Curt Schilling's "The World We Live In" Blog Post

This made headline news this morning - Curt Schilling's blog post in response to the bullies that were harassing his daughter over Twitter. For those of you unfamiliar with the story and unfamiliar with Curt Schilling - Schilling was a baseball player for 15 years (Phillies and Red Sox). His 17 year old daughter was just accepted into college and being a typical dad, he posted his excitement on Twitter. Sadly, it quickly turned dark. Two guys replied back with derogatory tweets in response to Schilling. The tweets mentioned hurting Schilling's daughter once she arrived at college in the fall. You can read Schilling's response through his blog at 38 Pitches. Fortunately  it was easy to figure out their identities. One was suspended from community college and the other was fired from his job with the New York Yankees (for those of you who aren't into baseball: the Red Sox and Yankees are bitter rivals).

I'm going to be lazy and copy what I posted elsewhere about this situation:
    Good for Curt Schilling. I applaud him for doing this detective work and getting these two perverted trolls fired/suspended. What they said about his daughter is not okay and we should not forgive them for their actions. What these men said is not funny - it's disgusting and despicable. This type of talk is not okay. This blog should be shown to all boys; fathers and mothers need to teach their sons more respect. We need to be there for boys and be examples of how to treat not only women, but everyone! The Golden Rule is not dead! This kind of behavior on social media is not okay! I just hope these guys just talked the talk and never walked the walk...

It's echoing on a response I saw on Schilling's blog:
March 2, 2015 8:01 pm
I commented here this morning, and I agree with your message, but as the day went on, and I’ve read the comments here….I’m concerned. One of the offending people posted an apology and explanation (not a good explanation, but an explanation) he’s was met with terribly harsh responses. Cruelty. Surely that was not your intention to perpetuate more cyber cruelty. I fear for their safety and mental health. Yes, they did all did a horrible thing with out thinking. I hope the goal here is to educate not destroy these young men. I hope this is a lesson for all young stupid boys who choose to disrespect women in order to impress their peers. Obviously, there is something lacking in their lives if they resort to this sort of celebrity baiting for attention and approval. I am concerned for them. Their world’s have been rocked. I hope they know this doesn’t have to define them and it’s never too late to apologize, ask forgiveness and change the direction of thier lives. Let this be a blessing not a curse for all involved. Let it be a lesson not only in cyber bullying but the power of forgiveness.

There should be zero tolerance for this type of talk. Yes, most of us go over the line at times on social media, but talk of hurting someone is not funny. In fact, if someone mentions that and keeps going on and on about hurting someone, I would think they are not drawing attention to themselves or trying to be funny - I would think there was something seriously wrong with them and would call the authorities. I'm glad Curt Schilling did and I'm glad people stepped in before things could happened. As I posted elsewhere, I think young people - not only guys - need to be taught respect. Social media should have common courtesy like real life. These types of comments/tweets are unacceptable and there should be repercussions for actions. Young people need to realize that we don't live in a vacuum - everything we do has consequences, whether it's good or bad. Everything has consequences. Bullying and harassment should not be welcomed into our world. I hope what Curt Schilling did is an example for everyone.


  1. Curt Schilling was excited for his daughter...that's understandable. I'm so glad the response was to suspend/fire the bullies rather than blame Schilling for posting about his daughter.

    I agree: I think everyone should be taught to respect others and their boundaries. Genuine politeness/kindness is not a weakness, despite what some people think. We need to make the world a better place for and woman.

    1. I'm really glad Curt was proactive. I'm glad his daughter didn't suffer. I just hope those men never hurt anyone else. :\

      When I was still thinking about Detroit, I really wanted to be a mentor if I won that house. Maybe in the future, I can be.