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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dear Mimi and Olivia

Last week for Thankful Thursday I wrote about "A Letter to My Cat" and how most people are thankful for their animals. I decided to write a letter to Mimi and one to Olivia.

Dear Mimi,

My sneezy little girl! Although you have allergies and a motley assortment of health issues, we're still happy you're a part of our family. Even though sometimes when you spew boogers we get grossed out and have to clean your little crime scenes off of the walls when you break open a scab, we couldn't imagine life without you.

I remember when we brought you and Olivia home from the Kitty Cottage in September 2008. We went to the Kitty Cottage to adopt only one cat, but after mom fell in love with you and I fell in love with Olivia, we all decided that we would adopt both of you. Dad loved you both and we all loved you both. Mom said she was attached to you after you slinked up to her at the Kitty Cottage and loved the way she pet you. Mom felt an instant connection. You and Olivia had your rough moments, especially since Olivia was the matriarch (after all, she was 10 years older than you), but you were still great together. I loved the moments when you and Olivia would curl up near one another on my bed or on the couch. I know after going through two breakups, you and Olivia comforted me during those times. I also loved when you would both sleep on my bed on cold winter nights and act as my quilt.

You didn't really warm up to us until after Olivia died in April 2012. After Olivia died, all the attention went to you and you started to shine. You always loved dad because you prefer men, and that didn't change. I laugh when I see you and dad watching TV together. You both sit on the couch and just watch TV. I just love how you play and the small things amuse you. I love how you curl up to us and are just you. You're a great companion.

I want to thank you, however, for being there for me November 2013 when I was at the lowest point in my life. From November 2013 until January 2014, you were glued by my side and wouldn't leave me alone. You would curl next to me at night, which is rare for you, and just snuggle with me. Whenever I would want to be alone, you ignored that and sat with me until I paid attention to you with scritches, rubs, and playing with you. It's like you knew what I was going through and it's like you knew that I needed someone there. It really means so much to me and I want to thank you for that because without you, I don't even want to think what could have happened.

Thanks for being you, Meemers!


Loved when they laid near one another. I had one picture with them both on my bed, but on old Facebook. :(

Dear Olivia,

Although you have been gone since April 2012, I loved the three and a half years you were with me. You were 13 or 14 when we adopted you, you were brought to the Kitty Cottage from a house of forty other cats. Apparently the woman had died and her daughter surrendered the cats to the Kitty Cottage. You only had three teeth left in your mouth - the Kitty Cottage pulled the rest from neglect and natural causes. I remember that late August day in 2008 when mom and I visited the Kitty Cottage looking to add a cat to our house. Woo, our previous cat of 19 years, had died in November 2007 and it was time to fill the house with a cat again. Mom and I split up.

I remember venturing into this room and one of the elderly volunteers saw me sitting down petting one cat. She asked if I wanted to see you and I said yes. She put you on my lap and we instantly bonded. You kneaded my legs, claws and all, but I didn't mind. I loved you and I loved petting you. We bonded for 15 minutes until mom came in and saw me. I said we had to adopt you. She told me she found Mimi and would have to decided between you two. One of the volunteers said it's better for cats to have a playmate - two cats are better than one! As a family, we discussed two cats for a week, then decided we would adopt two after dad met both you and Mimi. He loved you both.

You really warmed up to us. You especially loved Nan. Whenever Nan would come over, you would go straight to her and sit by Nan for hours. You loved how she pet you and Nan loved you as well. We all did. Although you were our butterball (18 pounds), we loved playing with you and snuggling next to you. Dad called you his little pillow because that's how you were. You were just a good cuddler and very patient.

I can't believe it's been three years already and that both you and Nan are gone. I miss you both and I want to thank you for the 3.5 years you spent with us. Your friendship and love really taught me something.


The night before I left for Green Bay in 2011. It's like you didn't want me to leave!


  1. It's interesting how Mimi opened up to you all after Olivia died. My grandparents' last two cats were sisters but only one was always happy around humans. It was only when she died that the other became a lap cat.

    1. Well, Olivia was 10 years older than Mimi. She was the matriarch and had the rule. Olivia came from a house of 40 cats - she had kittens, so she was probably used to being in charge.

      It's interesting, though.