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Monday, March 30, 2015

Personal Meyer Lemon Cheesecakes

Mom made up this recipe and we made it the other day. These personal cheesecakes are awesome and great for the holidays or parties.

2 sticks (8 oz. blocks) of cream cheese
5-6 Meyer Lemons
1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar
6 graham cracker mini pie crusts

Put the 2 sticks (8 oz. blocks) of softened cream cheese into a mixing bowl. Cut two Meyer lemons and squeeze for the juice. Put in 1/2 cup of powdered sugar. Mix with beaters. Cut the third and forth lemons, squeeze, and add another 1/2 cup of powdered sugar. Mix. Cut the fifth (maybe 6th) lemon, squeeze, and add 1/2 cup of powdered sugar. Mix well. If you need more powdered sugar, add. Put the lemon cheesecake filling into the mini pie crusts. Serve with whipped cream or fruit (or both).

When we made this on Saturday, we used 1 stick (8 oz. block) of softened cream cheese. We used 3 Meyer lemons and 3/4 cup of powdered sugar. I doubled the recipe for this blog, but this recipe is mostly about taste. You don't want it to be too sweet, but you don't want it bland either.


Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (3/23/2015-3/29/2015)

This week is a little picture heavy. Although for the first half of the week I was sick, I had the chance to meet up with Liz on Monday after work. Liz moved to Alaska four years ago and I hadn't seen her in six years. It was nice catching up and seeing her. She goes back to Alaska on Wednesday (4/1); I'm hoping we'll be meeting up for dinner on Tuesday (3/31). I also went into the city on Friday and it was a nice day, despite it being unseasonably cold for the end of March.

Monday, March 23

After lunch, Liz and I went to Hot Topic. The skirt was on sale for $19 - but it was made weird. I didn't buy it. I only bought the Deadmau5 shirt for $3.92.

Love it!

Liz and me.

Tuesday, March 24

Bed Head, DAMMIT!

Dammit Dolls even Tweeted me back:

Wednesday, March 25

Mimi had the right idea.

After work, I warmed up Wonton soup and had Faygo. It helped. :)

Thursday, March 26

Friday, March 27

Happy Birthday frap at Starbucks. Starbucks's Frappuccino turned 20 on March 26. They spelled my name wrong, though. Every time I order a frap, my name is spelled wrong!

Selfie while waiting for the Broad Street Line after Devil's Den.

Saturday, March 28


Had my hair trimmed. It's still wet (I never blow dry my hair).

All dry. I think she cut it a little too much off.

Sunday, March 29

Now that I'm done writing for now, I'll read my new Time magazine. Love being a subscriber!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Devil's Den | South Philadelphia

I remember almost two years ago I was planning on going to Grid! Alive one May evening (May 10, 2013 to be exact) and I was looking for a new place to have dinner. I was in my Latina Chick Lit class one day and decided to ask one of my classmates. I knew he was from Philadelphia and I decided to ask him for a restaurant opinion. That was really my first time talking to Louis - he suggested Devil's Den.

On May 10, I arrived at Devil's Den at around 3:30 pm and I was so happy to see absinthe on the drink menu. I remember ordering the absinthe and a Buffalo chicken sandwich. The bartender gave me the little water jug and sugar for the absinthe and I poured it over the absinthe spoon  with the cubed sugar (because that's what you're supposed to do). The sandwich was really good. The guy bartender at the time was also really nice and I met a really nice patron that evening. He was older and we talked for a good 30 minutes before I had to leave for Grid! Alive. I really liked my first time at Devil's Den.

I went again on June 15, 2013 with Louis. We had small finger foods because by that time it was around 9:30 or so. I remember the finger foods being really good and I had white sangria that night, which was also delicious. It was my first time having white sangria with peaches - I usually drink red sangria - and although the white wasn't as sweet as the red, I really liked it.

Yesterday I decided to have lunch at Devil's Den because it had been a year and a half (okay, 21 months to be exact) since I've gone there. I wanted to get some pictures of the place and try some other foods because last year when I tried to write a review, I had limited experiences. I really had liked the two other times I've gone and I wanted to go back.

After finishing a commintment in Center City (15th Street), I walked to City Hall and went down a flight of stairs to take the Broad Street Line to Ellsworth-Federal Station. Devil's Den is located on 1148 S. 11th Street, which is 11th and Ellsworth Sts. It was only a 10 minute ride, then another 10 minute walk.

I arrived at about noon and at that time I was the only patron. I chatted with the bartender, who introduced herself as Sam. She was really friendly and nice. I ordered an absinthe, but it was made wrong. I didn't get the little water container or sugar. I told her it involves sugar and water, but she made it almost like an Old Fashioned. She mixed the water and sugar together inside of the absinthe instead of with the spoon. That's alright - it still tasted good.

I ordered the Falafel sandwich and that was tasty, though a bit spicy. I like Middle Eastern foods and I thought it was made better than some of the Falafel sandwiches I've had in different Middle Eastern restaurants. I ordered the French fries instead of the salad and the French fries were hand cut. I love fresh food and I was so happy that the French fries were fresh. They were cooked perfectly and spiced to perfection.

By the time I was ready to go, more people were coming in for lunch (closer to 1 pm). Devil's Den has a really homely atmosphere and it's very welcoming. They also have a fireplace and logs stacked - I love the scent of fresh wood and the smokiness when a fireplace is burning. There was a slight scent of that and I just loved it. Yesterday was also chilly; Devil's Den was comfortably warm.

The next time you visit Philadelphia, I'd recommend going to Devil's Den. I've never had a bad experience there - the food is awesome, the staff is friendly and attentive, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and it's not too badly priced.

They can be reached by the following:

Website: Devil's Den
Twitter: @DevilsDenPhilly
Phone: 215-339-0855

Address: 1148 S. 11th Street | Philadelphia, PA 19147

Thursday, March 26, 2015

#tbt: Orgy Concert 3/26/2013

As I was taking a walk this afternoon, Orgy's "Fiction (Dreams In Digital)" played on my iPod and I remembered seeing them two years ago at the Note in West Chester! I remember the day like it was yesterday: two weeks prior to the concert, I won the tickets from the college radio station Christina DJs for. It was right before her show and we were sitting outside the radio room working on homework (the night before: Friday night - Christina always hosts her show on Saturday - we went to see Aaron Carter free of charge... I went along with Christina to be a good friend). The DJ announced if someone called in, they could win two free tickets to see Orgy at the Note.

Orgy, like Twiztid, has been a favorite of mine since middle school. I actually got into the two groups at the same time. I whispered to Christina, "it would be awesome if I could win!" She replied back, "why don't you call? Just walk out the door and call." So, I did and I won the two tickets. I asked Christina if she wanted to go and she came along.

Sadly, my DSLR camera battery died and had to use my cellphone for pictures. My cellphone never took good pictures in low light, especially with motion. Although the pictures aren't the best, I had a blast. I loved the opening bands: My Parasites and another group with Vampires in the name. Davey Suicide (who know plays with Twiztid at some shows... ironically) was pretty good too. He signed the CD I bought from him. However, Orgy was the best. They were making a comeback and they put on a really good show. Even Christina enjoyed it.

It was also nice spending time with Christina and just chilling out in the lounge of the Note. The way the Note was set up, there was a bar area and a dance floor on the bottom level, then on the top floor there was a lounge. The lounge was a balcony overlooking the stage. It was comfortable. However, it was closed and when I was in West Chester in January, it was something else. Orgy was my last concert there and it was such a great memory.

Although this wasn't from the Orgy concert, this was from when Christina and I went to see Aaron Carter. One of his opening bands - Petrel - was pretty good. The drummer was cute. When I was sitting at the bar while Christina watched Aaron Carter, I saw the drummer. I went over to him, introduced myself and he introduced himself as Nick. We talked for a bit and then I asked if I could get a picture with him. Of course, it was no issue. :)