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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party (2/2/2015-2/8/2015)

Monday, February 2

Mimi loves dad's ice bag for his knee. She loves the water.

Tuesday, February 3

Had some business in the city. Sunset coming home.

Bought some Jimi Hendrix stamps. :)

Thursday, February 5

I found a place in King of Prussia that sells Faygo! Love that beverage. Poem to come soon!

Friday, February 6

Snow man is melting in front of a home. It's not been snowy enough this winter. :(

Sunday, February 8
Pretty kitties in the window.

Two chinchillas. :)


  1. I love those pictures of Mimi and I love that sunset photo!!

    1. Thank you! Mimi is funny - whenever my dad has the ice pack out, she just stares at it until dad puts it on the floor for her. When she goes outside and sits on the porch, she plays with the water from the downspout. She loves playing with water for some reason. :D

      It was just beautiful coming home and seeing that sunset. Sadly, I didn't get that 2nd job... but hopefully something will come along soon.

  2. Sad little snowman. My son went through a Fanta stage. He's over it now.

    1. Fanta was all I drank while in Germany! I like Fanta, I just like Faygo better. :) Of course, I try not to drink a lot of pop/soda, but I like the flavor of Faygo and it's not too sweet.

      I know. I want more snow, dang it! We've been missing the snow.

  3. Hope Mimi didn't burst the bag! :D

    1. Nope! Mom sealed it with her vacuum sealer machine.