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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday 2/26/2015

When Jamie posted this today and I replied with "Dreamers are an asset to this world," I meant every word of that. I'm a dreamer, though I am practical/logical at times too, and I like to think that with me being a dreamer I am an inspiration to people. I know both Jamie and Paul are inspirations to me, as well as many other dreamers. I really do think both dreamers and those that are logical are an asset to this world - we need both types of people to make contributions. It's like the yin and the yang. This was a great thing to ponder today and it really opened my eyes to how I should view myself when I'm having a bad day.

Today is Thankful Thursday. What else am I thankful for? Darlene told me that one of my former colleagues in tech fee passed away last week. He was young and it made me really sad to hear that because he was always a very friendly guy. Whenever I had computer issues with my old laptop, I would bring in the laptop to him and he would have his interns look at it for me. He was also a lovely person to talk to and I always loved conversing with him. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to work with him and had the opportunity to know him. I bought a sympathy card for his wife that I will be sending out tomorrow. We should all be thankful for life and given the opportunities to experience each day because we just never know. Although some days can be horrible (me yesterday), we still have the power to make the day better. We should be thankful for the time we are given.


  1. It's great they tweeted back to you! :D

    Sorry to hear about your former colleague. :'(

    1. Yeah, I love when the guys tweet me back. I haven't heard from them in 6 months, HAHA. But, I did meet them in that time frame, so it's okay. I try not to Tweet them a lot because I don;t want to be a pest.

      Thanks, Andrew. When Darlene told me about that, I was stunned. He was 46 - so sad. :( I have to write a note in the card; in the note, I'll write about what I wrote here.

  2. You are an inspiration to the world - that's what's wonderful about being a dreamer! And you are so right about saying that we should be thankful for the time we are given..

    1. That's so true - I love dreaming and I was given some hopeful news today. :) I'll e-mail you.