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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday 2/12/2015

I believe that gratitude and compassion go hand in hand; today for the first half of my entry, I want to talk about compassion, especially towards fellow human beings. I was devastated when I read and heard about Three Muslims Killed in Chapel Hill, N.C..  I don't really care if people that read this blog follow a different faith and believe other faiths are wrong. I don't agree with that sentiment at all because we are all human. If we move past skin colour, ethnicity, and religion; we all bleed, we all cry, we all experience failure/defeat, we all experience success, we all feel emotions, pain, and every human quality. We're not different at all, deep down.

As I was thinking last night as I watched the sun set, I am guilty of getting angry. I am guilty of losing my temper from time to time, but I wouldn't kill someone. It makes me sad when someone uses religion or Atheism as a crutch to murder someone or a group of people. This man's anger and hate make me sad and as I reflected on his actions, it made me feel sad about some of my actions from anger in the past year. As I meditated this, it reminds me that anger is a powerful tool and can be destructive. I truly do believe before anyone does something out of anger, they need to step back and cool down. I'm not sure if this tragedy could have been avoided because I am with the one girl's father, I think this was pre-meditated. It is up for a jury to figure out and indict on and I really do hope they charge him to the full extent of the law. I might not agree with everyone and there are times when we all don't agree with others, but one should never kill anyone on a disagreement. I think, as a collective society/ society as a whole, we need to show more compassion for our fellow human beings. We should be more sympathetic towards other people. This type of violence, this type of violence done in hate, never solves anything.

Since today is Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for the peace and serenity in the snow fall of today. It hasn't accumulated, but that has been the story of the Philadelphia area this year, but to watch the squalls of snow flying with fury in the air. It's breathtaking - I am the rare few who loves snow. I love this time of year and the memories associated with it. I like the inner calmness it brings me.

What are you thankful for today?

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