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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Some Memphis Writing

For the past two weeks I've been participating in the Soundtracker's Soundtrack to My Life music challenge on I want to share some writing I did about Memphis. I'm thinking about cleaning these pieces up and submitting them for publication. What do you think?

The Man With the Horse and Carriage

“In the moonlight he comes, his devilish handsome self,
with the blonde hair, he is thin and lean. Ma'am,
good evening. He sticks out his hand, he sings
about the Civil War in Memphis, the Rebels.
He sang about the Mississippi and cotton.

The horse leads us to Confederate Park.

He turns around to look at me,
in my amber eyes.

This park is really pretty during the day, the blue
Mississippi just carries the ferries. You can
sit on the bench and just stare at the clouds,

or write in your notebook. You're a writer, right?
Yes, sir, mostly poetry and I do love the Civil War.

I sit under the green light and just watch.

He turns around to look at me,
in my amber eyes.

I sigh and I begin the melt,he really is breathtaking,
he has engaged me all night about Memphis history,
his past in Florida and in the Navy. I am shocked.
Travel makes the heart grow, your stories as well--
I really love it here in Memphis. You would too.

I see the moon shine brightly over Beale Street.

He turns around to look at me,
in my amber eyes.

This is what I get for conjuring--
he hands me his number.
Let me know if you want to grab coffee,
he gives me a tight hug
that leaves me lingering after goodbye.

He turns around to look at me,
in my amber eyes.

Absinthe and Twiztid on Beale

I walk into the absinthe bar that sits on the corner of Beale Street. The black Memphis sky is illuminated by the lights of restaurants, bars, street lights and concert venues. Beale Street is bustling, which is great for a limited amount of time: as an introvert, I look forward to retreating to little shops to just relax. The other night I found this quaint little absinthe bar by accident as I was leaving Buddy's. I have always loved absinthe and I thought it'd be a perfect place to check out after the ribs and collard greens I ate had digested. A few hours later after attending some live performances (a 

staple at every bar in Memphis, especially on Beale Street) and imbibing some of Tennessee's finest Jack Daniels, I decided to give this absinthe bar a try.

I wasn't disappointed. The night was growing late, but I didn't feel like going back to my hotel. I just wanted to relax, write, and sip on some of the neon green absinthe. I walk up the long flight of stairs and I am greeted by the bartender. "Welcome! Same thing?" 

"Yes, please." I watch him pour the absinthe into an absinthe glass. He places the spoon with the cube of sugar over top of the glass. He lights the sugar on fire - as the bartender explains to me, it brings out the flavors more. The water drips onto the sugar to dilute the absinthe. One can't drink absinthe straight, worm wood and other psychedelic properties that can make you trip for hours.

The bartender finally hands me my glass; after what seems like an eternity. I sit on the comfortable brown leather couch and place my absinthe and can of Faygo on the coffee table in front of me. I sink into the couch and close my eyes. I could fall asleep with the industrial music - it sounds like Marilyn

Manson - in the background.

"Hey, is that Faygo?" I hear this guy call out to me. 

I jolt awake, "Why, yes." He begins to talk to me, but I can't hear him with the music droning. All of a sudden the music seems to get louder. I walk over to him and we begin to talk. He is flirting with me and then the topic of Twiztid comes up. "Why, yes, I do love Twiztid. I am thinking about seeing them when they come to Philly next month. I'm from Philly." He smiles and then walks over to the jukebox, searches for Twiztid and chooses This Is Your Anthem. "This is for you, baby girl." He smiles, but surprisingly walks out the door because "I have to get back to my buddies. We're having this party." I sink back into the couch and enjoy my absinthe as I listen to Twiztid ring out from the jukebox.

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