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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party 1/26/2015-1/31/2015

Monday, January 26

Twiztid's The Darkness arrived to me! 1 day before the official release. Review of the Darkness.

Tuesday, January 27

Snow! Though they were predicting a blizzard for us - passed us and went to New England. I love how birds hang out on our porch and leave footprints, though!

Wednesday, January 28

Every month people volunteer to decorate the display case in the library (I am decorating in May and I decorated a few times in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012). My co-worker loves collecting mice figurines and she decorated the case this month. I thought they were neat! I love the two I took a close up on.

Thursday, January 29

Rolly Polly bugs.

Friday, January 30

A musician is getting the sketch, a Valentine, candy and a letter. On the left is a picture of Valentine's for the Snail Mail Group, Christina, and Julie. I sent out musician's package on 1/31/2015 along with the four foreign Valentine's. The rest are Americans and will go out mid-week. I hope they like their Valentine's, especially the musician. Nervous.

Saturday, January 31

Some of the CDs I will be uploading into my iTunes library. I have over 500 CDs.

February 1

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Although I won't be watching much of it (don't like either teams), I'm not rooting for either team. HOWEVER, I do think Gronkowski (Patriots) is a cutie. So, I guess I'll just post his picture instead. :D

For those who are watching the Super Bowl or those going to a party, enjoy! Mom, dad and I are just staying home.


  1. I volunteer at a brand new library WITHOUT a display case. The librarians had to beg peeps to decorate the old one. The head librarian looks like Katy Perry. Isn't Katy singing at some event today? :)

    1. Yep, she is! Did you watch any of the Puppy Bowl? For Half Time, Kitty Purry was performing. :D Now I'm watching the Kitten Bowl. Haha.

      Our display case is MASSIVE. It's a lot of work to decorate. We also have display cases in the hall, but I never signed up for that. I think they're for businesses.