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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Just Call Me Eddie Vedder"

"Just Call Me Eddie Vedder"

"Just call me Eddie Vedder," he said with a smile
as he shook his long curly hair away from his blue eyes.
"Okay," I laugh as I realize I am now being beguiled,
"Would you mind getting a picture with me," with sly,
"I'm a travel writer and I'm writing a piece," I muse.
"Sure, let's just be rock stars together," he giggles,
"after all, I am Eddie Vedder," colour me a magenta hue!
I think to myself as hugs me with such a tight wiggle.
The moment seems to go forever, the light blinds,
as I hold on tight to my Eddie Vedder looking guy--
enough to break free to flash the "rock on" sign;
in the moment I become less timid and shy.
When the camera is handed back with such care,
where did those other guys come from with such flare?

 I saw Todd Henkin and the Great Unknown in May 2013. Sadly, I didn't capture a video, but they were an amazing band and I am glad Todd uploads his band to YouTube. In college, I used to read a free magazine that was delivered to campus every week. It is called Grid Philly! It's a ecology and conservation magazine that is circulated for free throughout Philadelphia and certain places in the suburbs. I had been a reader since May 2011 and every month, Grid advertises shows. The shows involve food, drinks, live music and then the editors of the magazine talk along with whomever was on the cover for that month. It was $5 to get in. I decided to check it out because it sounded fun. On May 10, 2013, I took a trip to some area in Philadelphia I had never been to to see Grid Alive! It was a great time because I met Todd, who after seeing my Pearl Jam t-shirt said "Just call me Eddie Vedder" with a smile, and his band. I also talked to the editors. Everyone was very nice that night—the Grid Philly crew is amazing and friendly.

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