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Monday, February 2, 2015

A Motley Crew of Thoughts

I have a lot of prompts going on in my head; so today I am going to post those incomplete thoughts in hopes that they materialize into something later on. Enjoy!

Super Bowl Sunday
I didn't really watch the Super Bowl this year. I know, GASP! I am a huge football fan, but I just didn't like the teams this year. I am not a fan of the Patriots, especially given the deflategate controversy. However, I really don't like the Seahawks either. No, not because I'm butt-hurt that they seem to always beat the Packers; those that know me, know my reasons.

However, I did watch bits and pieces, but kept myself busy doing other things. Namely: stuffing my face with awesome food mom made. Super Bowl, like the holidays, is known for the foods that are served. This is what we had:

Though, I was really eyeing the recipe I made in 2012 after an old co-worker sent it to me. I loved it when I made it for a party that year. This recipe makes a lot and that's why I didn't make it. It was only mom, dad and me - I didn't want any of it to go to waste. However, this could be served at any event:

Fruit Salsa
2 Granny smith apples washed, cored and cut into quarters
16 strawberries washes, hulled and cut in half (usually a 1 lb clamshell from the store is good)
2 kiwis peeled cut in half.
1 big tablespoon of jam or jelly of your choice

(this makes a double batch I think)

This is easiest if you have a food processor/chopper (but I guess a blender would work too).

Chop the apples in food proessor until they’re in big chuncks (like the size of a large dice)
Add strawberries, kiwi and jam, pulse until desired consistency
That’s it!

I watched the Puppy and Kitty Bowls. I loved them and can see why people tune into those instead of football. These events are for adoption. The Puppy Bowl was puppies, of course, but the half time show was mostly comprised of cats. I LOVED Kitty Purry. I found a video on YouTube:

Henri the Existential Cat also made an appearance. I love Henri:

Lil Bub hosted it as well. As a cat fan, I really loved the Kitty Bowl. I really loved the play on names such as "Stray Matthews" (instead of Clay Matthews), "Aaron Pawdgers" (instead of Aaron Rodgers), "Joe Furco" (instead of Joe Flacco), etc. I thought the kittens were more entertaining to watch than the puppies. I just love how playful they get, then they fall asleep, then get playful again. Just like a child. :D These shows put a big smile on my face.

The Soundtracker's  Soundtrack to Our Lives
On I'm part of the Soundtrackers group. It's a music group and we use our favorite music for writing prompts. This month the theme is "Soundtrack to Our Lives." I'm on day two and so far, so good. However, I'm debating using this song sometime this month: "Tats On my Neck" by Caskey:

I love this song. I love the CD this song appears on. I find "Tats On My Neck" to be catchy and I like the video. I'm debating on writing about the day I won this CD on a Twitter contest sponsored by Caskey. I won the autographed copy and it was a huge, and wonderful surprise. Like Twiztid, he's really friendly and appreciates his fans. However, I am also debating on writing about why I can relate (and no, I don't have "tats on my necks," but the message is relatable for a lot of young people) or create a fiction or poem piece, then tie it into the contest I won and why I like it. What do you think? If I go the fiction route, I'm thinking on terms of inner city youth trying to figure out their lives.

I'm glad I joined this group on, though, it's a lot of fun. I love music and I love writing to music. :)


  1. I didn't watch the Super Bowl, I stuffed my face. That's funny.

    1. Hey, nothing wrong with stuffing our faces with food. :D I actually like cooking more.

    2. In all fairness, I think I'd also rather cook/eat than watch the Super Bowl but each to their own. :)

    3. I usually love watching the Super Bowl... but you know how I feel about the Seahawks. :) Glad they lost. :) But, I enjoy cooking too.