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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Academy of Natural Sciences and Chocolate: The Exhibit

Yesterday mom and I trekked to Philadelphia to go to the Academy of Natural Sciences to see Chocolate: The Exhibit. The exhibit is sponsored by Mars Chocolate Company and opened mid-November and leaves the Academy on January 24, 2015. We wanted to see it in the final three weeks. Yesterday was warm, though dreary. It was a perfect day for the Academy. When we walked in, I loved the sight I was greeted with- one of the dinosaurs wearing a snow cap:

The line was long and as mom was checking out the prices, she said: "Hmmm... it looks like becoming a member would get us in at discounted prices." I replied, "You know, an individual membership is around $50. I come here often and at $15 for an entry fee, a membership is cheaper for me. I'll get one." When it was our turn, I said I would purchase a membership - I am now a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences! I get free admission, discounts at the gift shop, $5 off of Mega Bad Movie Night (I want to go in February) and some other special features. It was $3 to get me into Chocolate: The Exhibit and mom was $10. After I paid, we were handed Dove chocolate as was given to everyone who purchased admission to the special exhibit.

Photography wasn't allowed, but I did take a phone picture without flash of the chocolate tree:

And mom took one of me in the European display of the exhibit with her phone without flash:

I would recommend going because I learned so much about chocolate. I learned the history behind it: in ancient time, the Aztecs would drink the chocolate warm and frothy. They knew chocolate as a spicy drink. To ferment the drink took a couple of weeks and chocolate starts out as purple, after fermentation it's brown.

It wasn't until after South America was invaded that chocolate made its way to Europe and Europeans had to HAVE chocolate. That's when chocolate became smoother and sweeter. Many plates and utensils were made to eat chocolate. Then it came to America and after World War I, it became even more popular. South America depends on chocolate sales and like oil, if chocolate doesn't sell or they overproduce and not enough chocolate is sold, they will go into a recession. Very interesting and well worth it. It took us about 45 minutes to go through. You could also smell chocolate wafting through the exhibit. Mmmm.

After Chocolate: The Exhibit, we visited Butterflies! a permanent exhibit at the Academy. I also love visiting this exhibit because there's always new and different kinds of butterflies. It's always humid in there, though. Enjoy!

When we were walking to the Academy, we passed Con Murphy's Irish Pub. I exclaimed it was a great place with great food. We ate lunch at Con Murphy's. It was my first time in 2.5 years going there. The last time I was there was for my 23 birthday (exactly 2.5 years ago because I went on July 4, 2012 and yesterday when we went was January 4, 2015) and a Midwestern couple heard it was my birthday and surprisingly they paid for my lunch. It was nice. Yesterday was nice - I ordered bangers and pirogi. Since it was Sunday, it was still brunch time - mom wants to go back during a normal time. I said the food is even more amazing not on a Sunday. I loved my bangers, pirogi and she loved her pirogi and chicken.

Yum, bangers! I need to make them again.


  1. And now many people can't live without chocolate. :P

    (I know this is one of your older posts; I've had the tab for it and others open for a while.)

    1. I know I can't live without chocolate, especially milk chocolate. :)

      (This was a blast from the not so distant path. Maybe I'll return to this and write a travel piece.)