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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thankful Thursday 1/8/2015

Happy Thankful Thursday, y'all! I'm going to make this short because I had a temporary crown put on my tooth today. I should get the real crown in three weeks. My gum is sore; the Novocaine is beginning to wear off. Anyway, I know it might sound odd, but I am thankful for my dentist. I hate getting my teeth worked on, but my dentist is a good dentist. He lets you know what has to be done before proceeding, he asks if you're okay and he just tells you what is going on as he does the work. He's also very friendly. I think that quality is important in any doctor - my general doctor is like that too. It helps.

It's also 18 degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill of 11 degrees Fahrenheit here in Pennsylvania. Since the temporary crown took a bit longer than expected, I missed my bus. I was walking home and when I passed by this daycare, an old classmate from high school saw me and picked me up. He said, "No one should be walking in this weather." I thanked him; I'm thankful for that today as well.


  1. My dentist is awesome. The local paper votes on the best of everything in the area. He usually wins best dentist. He could have been a professional hockey player but he chose to be a dentist instead.

    1. That's awesome! My dentist is from China and a bit hard to understand, but he's great. It's a very small office and not many people know about him, but he's great. I hope when I do finally move, I find a dentist like him. :)

  2. I had my MRI and EEG taken today :D (magnetic resonance image and electro-encephalograph respectively) so we both went to some sort of medical establishment! I had fun, I pretended it was an amusement park ride, with such beautiful Vivaldi music in the background WHICH WAS NOT THE FOUR SEASONS! ♥ Although I had to control myself more in the EEG room since it screwed up the exam if I laughed, coughed or blinked too fast. They flashed lights in my eyes since I've had seizures in the past and mysteriously scribbled notes! I am still ignorant of those results, but I have an appointment next week to discuss them with my neurologist! ^_^

    Is it that warm where you live? It probably is about a degree off from where I live, but we keep the internal temperature down low to conserve resources.

    Oh, I am scared into flossing and ultra-caring for my toral hygeine since one of the anti-seizure drugs warned it could cause gum problems. (I am on the third one, since the first caused abnormalities in my behaviour most people disliked, the second I was allergic to, and this one has been OK thus far)

    Is it that warm over in KoP? I'm speaking from a minimally-heated room, see. Um... 66 is normallish, I must just be complaining since I recently cut my hair to cosplay as a male.

    My general physician is from the former Soviet Union so she has an accent my mother can't understand. I think what's most important about my health care professionals is that they all know what they're doing since I almost exclusively get along well with people who exhibit a flicker of intelligence. I didn't like the electroencelphalogrammist I met today since she was more caring than informative. My neurologist I hope will give me more information about that test result next week.


    1. Nope, it's cold here. I'd say the same as West Chester. However, it's 67 degrees in my house.