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Monday, January 19, 2015

Muse Masters

This month I'm participating in a class on This class works on perfecting our poetry. For day #1 of Muse Masters, it's rhythm and rhyme. These are the instructions:
Think of the following tasks as exercises. You don't have to worry about them being perfect. They can be serious or silly, or a bit of nonsense. The purpose of this task is to encourage recognition and application of the various types of rhyme.

*Penv* Write a couplet using perfect rhyme.

*Penr* Write a couplet using oblique rhyme.

*Peng* List (2) pairs of eye rhyme.

*Penb* List (2) pairs of semi-rhyme.

*Vine1* Write a cinquain that contains a thorn line.

*Penp* Write a couplet with evidence of internal rhyme.

*Music2* Write a couplet about music.

*Heart* Write a couplet about love.

*Wave1* Write a couplet about the sea.

*Female* *Male* Write a couplet about you.

This is what I came up with:

Perfect Couplet

Although she ran directly to the fire,
She found out the call for help wasn’t dire.

Oblique Couplet

As she waited to cross the street, the UPS truck waited at the light—
Instead of watching for the sign, she hoped it was him; they caught eyes.

Eye Rhymes

Last Call

The last card from my beloved,
Left on the marble counter, alone.
His handwriting scribbled, then shoved—
All the beauty is faded and gone.

My First Twiztid Concert

Monoxide and Madrox float across the Proscenium,
Raving and moshing—an intensity rushes through the crowds,
Madrox cracks a joke to the Juggalo coming from Belgium;
What a night! My voice lost from being way too loud!


Barley and Rye

Don’t forget to plant the barley and rye
Before the snow stops for the season—
It’s always a pain to go to the store, buying
Spices and vegetables that aren’t priced with reason.

Tie-Dye Melee

The hippies all run to the section of tie-dye,
Picking up scrunchies and shirt after shirt—
A fight ensues where they all start vying
For the package that includes a Woodstock skirt.

Parcel Truck Blues

I was walking home from work one windy day;
The pedestrian light blinked, my brown hair swayed
And through the tangled mess, I spot a golden parcel truck;
Two men sit waiting at the light, deep down I really hope,
But knowing the truth, sometimes the pain is too hard to cope.

Internal Rhyming in Green Bay

I went to Green Bay for the day. What a week, the town isn’t for the meek!
Taking the bus to the Botanical Gardens without a fuss. Peak in and friends you’ll seek.


Buzzing and humming into the moonlight,
The guitar’s droning doesn’t fight Midnight.


Paul grabs me into an embrace; I drown in his hug;
Thanking me for the treats, I hope I don’t smother and bug.


The current pulls and rips; it’s almost destructive with its fury,
Crashing onto the shores, subsiding with calmness in a hurry.

Jessica Marie

I am small and quiet, but an intensity engulfs you,
Every emotion, many hobbies; the past isn’t so true.

I'm thinking about later about going back and working some of these pieces into longer poems. I love these exercises because it's a chance to plan for longer pieces. I really liked Parcel Truck Blues and I am going to work to expand upon it. I might post at a later date.

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